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20 December 2010 @ 12:08 am
Tokyo Babylon - A Save For A Tokyo City Story OAV Script  
Okay, in case it can help someone here there's the TB OAV script... taken mostly as it was from the OAV (some small changes here and there when it was really obvious the subber made a mistake like when they translated 'Seishiro-san' as 'good morning'... -_-)

Tokyo Babylon - A Save For A Tokyo City Story OAV

*Night. On a desert street Subaru is performing an exorcism. In front of him there's a motorcycle. Next to him is a girl.*
Subaru: On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. On batarei ya sowaka. *A boy appears, then his image breaks as if he was a glass.*
Yukari: Katsuhiko! *The girl starts crying.*
Subaru: He wishes... he wishes you'd stop crying. He misses your smile.

A Save For A Tokyo City Story OAV

Guy: Nagumo-san!

Subaru: A job? It's at the MCC Shadanhōjin office. The "Tokyo Palace".
Hokuto: It's on the waterfront. Watch out! You're going to bump into something! Mou!
[A girl exited from Seishiro's clinic with her dog. Subaru bumps into her.]
Subaru: Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me!
Hokuto: I told you so!
Seishiro: Hello! Good timing. I just finished my morning examinations.
Hokuto: Sei-chan!
Subaru: Seishiro-san!
Hokuto: Sei-chan, we bought lunch! I got you a Fish Burger and a Teriyaki sandwich.
Seishiro: And you, Hokuto-chan, probably bought yourself the usual four burgers.
Hokuto: Life is blissful, until it's time to diet! Subaru, come on, or I'll eat yours too!

Subaru: *at the phone* yes sir, I know the way. I have a map right here, Mimura-san! You're the Shachou? Three o'clock? No, that will be fine.
Seishiro: The MCC Shadanhōjin?
Hokuto: I saw them on TV. They're over in the bay area.
Seishiro: Oh! It looks like they're working on something big.
Hokuto: Yeah, it's called "Project 5". They have five "smart" buildings wired together with fibber optics.
Seishiro: And now they have some work for you?
Subaru: *at the phone* My name is Sumeragi. No, Su-me-ra-gi. Yes.
Hokuto: Subaru, why are you so damn polite? You're bowing on the phone! You look like a salaryman! *Hokuto throw him a paper ball. Subaru avoid it and the ball end in the trash can.*
Subaru: *at the phone* No, it's nothing. Right. Thank you very much! *Subaru ends the comunication*
Hokuto: Mou. Don't you understand how important you are? You're the head of the Sumeragi family, you know! Since 2000 years ago, our own Sumeragi family has protected the spiritualism of this Japan. As for that head of the family, now he stands at the top among Japan's Onmyouji, although their numbers have become few! The present-day supreme practitioner of Onmyoudou passed along continuously from Abe Seimei. And even though he is this idiot and my brother, it is pitiful. *Seishiro fills Hokuto's cup* (1)
Subaru: But I'm just an ordinary Onmyouji...
Hokuto: There's no such thing as an "ordinary" Onmyouji!
Seishiro: So, Subaru-kun, do you have another job?
Subaru: Yes. MCC's construction crew has had some strange accidents. Work is falling seriously behind.
Seishiro: Is something supernatural causing it?
Subaru: I don't know. But the workers are scared. They're afraid to work there.
Hokuto: Is that all?
Subaru: No, there's something else too. The Shachou's going to fill me in this afternoon.

Guy: Zone 15 is way behind, but we moved on to units 7 and 13. So the total delay is reduced to 96 hours of production. Even if we allow for the effects of bad weather...
Mimura: Nagumo-kun...
Guy: Last week's report said efficiency was down by 5%.
Nagumo: I've solved it. Some of the men thought the project was cursed. I've replaced all of them.
Mimura: Your decisions have always been a bit abrupt. We can't afford any further delays on this project. this will require even harder work from all of us at the top.
Nagumo: Why are you hiring an Onmyouji?
Guy: Shachou... it's time for your medication. *Mimura takes a pill*
Mimura: Even the government sometimes uses the Sumeragi Onmyouji. Often one has to do surprising things to placate employees.
Nagumo: Yes.
Mimura: Nagumo-kun... *he leaves*
Nagumo: I'll join you.
Guy: You usually aren't so outgoing.
Nagumo: I don't mean to intrude, but you seem worried about the delays. How's your health?
Mimura: Don't worry. Every executive has to live with a few chronic illnesses. You can't let minor obstacles stop you if you want promotions.
Nagumo: Yes. I'll keep that in mind. *the lift stop*
Guy: What's wrong? Is it a breakdown? *the lift start to fall. Mimura has a heart attack. Nagumo grin. The lift stop.*

Guys: The elevator fell? The building really IS cursed! *The police photograps the scene. The detective sees Mimura's pills*
Subaru: What? That's terrible! I promised to meet Mimura Shachou today.
Yamakawa: Too bad. Your appointment's been canceled. Mimura KaiCho's over there. *two men are carrying away his body*
Subaru: Eh?

Nagumo: This is quite a surprise. I hardly expected a witch doctor to be so young.
Subaru: I'm an Onmyouji. Well... Nagumo-san, about the accidents you've been having...
Nagumo: We don't need you.
Subaru: Eh?
Nagumo: You'll be paid. You can go.
Subaru: But the accident today...
Nagumo: Unlike our late Shachou, I'm not superstitious. You're Sumeragi Subaru, aren't you? Today's accident was unfortunate... but it removed an old man who trusted primitive superstitions. The accident won't really affect this project. On the contrary, it may inspire some of us to work even harder.

*Subaru walks around MCC remembering Mimura's words*
Mimura: In the past few years, we've had several fatal accidents. Each one has killed an executive involved in the same project.
*A dog start barking*
Kazami: Coney!
Subaru: Eh? Wait! *Kazami ran away with her dog. Subaru follow her than stop and see a curse* This is... On sowa hamba shuda saraba taraman wa hamba shudokan. On sowa hamba shuda saraba taraman wa hamba shudokan. On sowa hamba shuda saraba taraman wa hamba shudokan. On basara gini wa rachi wa taya sowaka. On basara gini wa rachi wa taya sowaka. On sowa hamba shuda saraba taraman wa hamba shudokan. On sowa hamba shuda saraba taraman wa hamba shudokan. On batarei ya sowaka! *Subaru extend his arm toward the ofuda and the curse is dispelled. Subaru breaths in relief.*
Yamakawa: Darn it! This thing makes it so hard to sneak up on people.

Yamakawa: A curse?
Subaru: Yes. At least, that's what someone was trying for. But it's full of mistakes.
Yamakawa: How's that?
Subaru: It was probably copied from a book. I'll bet it was full of mistakes. That's pretty common.
Yamakawa: Then it won't have any effect.
Subaru: It's still a curse. It'll cause troubles. It won't find its target, but it may disturb the local spirits.
Yamakawa: I don't really believe in that stuff. But this site has had a huge number of fatal accidents. And the same man has survived every single one. Is it possible for someone to have infallible luck?
Subaru: I suppose so if the spirits protected him at birth.
Yamakawa: Can that happen?
Subaru: Yes. he'd be protected from any accident or misfortune. Nothing bad could touch him; it would hit someone else nearby. Why do you ask?
Yamakawa: I've met someone like that.
Subaru: Oh!
Yamakawa: Nagumo Shinji-san. I did a full background on him for the case. Ever since childhood he's been at the center of disasters. His parents and friends all died in terrible accidents. *flashback of Nagumo and Aso falling. Nagumo ends on safe ground while Aso dies* beut he was hardly ever scratched.
Subaru: Nagumo-san?
Yamakawa: If you'd tampered with an elevator and you knew it would fall, you wouldn't get on, would you? What kind of man sabotages an elevator, then climbs on board?
Subaru: You can't mean...

Subaru: I'm afraid murder is a bit outside my line of expertise.
Hokuto: Hi!
Seishiro: Good evening!
Hokuto: It's the middle of the night! Where were you?
Subaru:You should have eaten without me.
Hokuto: We got groceried. I thought you would be back sooner. I don't know what to cook! Seishiro-chan, bring that in here! Anyway, you always forge to eat when you're working late. So I knew you'd be hungry.
Seishiro: Your sister was very concerned for you.
Hokuto: You're right! You're right!
Seishiro: Why do you always cook over here in Subaru-kun's apartment?
Hokuto: If I cooked at my place, a "woman's enemy" might show up!
Seishiro: "Woman's enemy"?
Hokuto: La cucaracha!
Seishiro: Oh, I see.

Nagumo: He was the central pillar of this organization! He was our guide through the treacherous seas of business! And now that he's been taken from us we've lost our way. We're left behind in silent misery. Our plans are still incomplete, but our leader shall inspire us! We must devote ourselves to completing his final project in memory of our Shachou.

Yamakawa: the chairman is the only one left who still outranks Nagumo-san.

Subaru: What's his name?
Kazami: Coney.
Subaru: Coney? He's a cute dog. Is your leg better, Coney?
Kazami: You...

Subaru: There.
Kazami: What is that?
Subaru: It's a Kekkai. Against the Sakanagi.
Kazami: Sakanagi?
Subaru: When the curse (noroi) returns. Haven't you had nightmares?
Kazami: Yes...
Subaru: Curses always return to their caster.Your nightmares are a warning.
Kazami: How did you know?
Subaru: We've met before. Back when I ran into you and that night.
Kazami: That was you?
Subaru: I didn't see you clearly but I heard Coney barking. I love dogs. I can identify them from their bark. Besides, one of my friends is a vet (Juui) at an animal hospital.
Kazami: So that's why you were at the vet!
Subaru: I've been worried about you ever since!
Kazami: Eh?
Subaru: You looked so sad. I knew you were really upset. Do you mind if I take a look?
Kazami: No.
Subaru: I knew it. This is filled with mistakes. Ah! They even misspelled the most important word.
Kazami: Aren't you going to ask?
Subaru: Hum?
Kazami: Aren't you curious? Don't you want to know why I did it?

Kazami: Coney was a present from Niisan. He worried about me when he worked late so he got a dog. He loved COney even more then I did. And Coney adored him. That was the kind of man he was.
Subaru: What kind of work did he do?
Kazami: He was an architect. He did all the design for that building, you know.
Subaru: Eh? MCC Shadanhōjin...
Kazami: Yes. It was Niisan's dream. He planed it and started the project. He wanted to build something magnificent. An intelligent skyscraper laced with fiber optics. I never understood the details. But when he talked about it, he was like a child on Christmas. But...
Subaru: Did he pass away?
Kazami: No, he was murdered! It was a year ago. He fell off the 17th floor. The police said it was an accident. Everyone said: "It was such a shame when he was so close to fulfilling his dream. We were so sorry to hear about the trgic accident." Six months earlier, his boss had died in another fatal incident. The police had arrested Nagumo. They had to release him for lack of evidence. But the management still suspected Nagumo. They were about to fire him when Niisan intervened. He argued that Nagumo was crucial to the project. He convinced the Shachou to keep Nagumo on. Then Niisan went to see Nagumo. He said he wouldn't be home until late that night. But he never came home.
Subaru: Have you told the police about this?
Kazami: They both fell.
Subaru: What?
Kazami: Nagumo and Niisan both fell. Nagumo miraculously survived. he was caught in a safety net. My brother died. It was no miracle! I won't let Nagumo get away with it!
Subaru: Kazami-san! maybe they were just accidents!
Kazami: Do you think the elevator crash was an accident too? I've seen too many accidents and the police can't stop them! If Nagumo can kill and get away with it then so can I.
Subaru: No! One of the detectives is trying very hard to catch Nagumo-san. Don't give up the police.
Kazami: How can you be so naive? I know one thing for sure: everyone in Nagumo's way has died in an accident. Thank you for correcting my spell. I won't make the same mistake again.
Subaru: No, don't! You're heading for a catastrophe!
Kazami: I don't care! Come on, Coney!
Subaru: Your Oniisan wouldn't have wanted this! Kazami-san!

Hokuto: But the police can't do anything. They're helpless without proof. Suspicion isn't enough.
Seishiro: Are you really afraid she'll try to take revenge?
Subaru: It's more than that. She's going up against Nagumo-san. e gives me a strange feeling.
Seishiro: Strange?
Subaru: Yes. I can't quite put my finger on it. I think using magic against him might rebound disastrously.
Hokuto: Rebound?
Subaru: I think he has some sort of incredible spiritual power. I don't really understand it.
Seishiro: If you're right it could be catastrophic. Nagumo's power would counter the force of the girl's hatred. The resulting psychic hemorrhage would be impossible to foresee. Setting that much energy loose would be a disaster.
Hokuto: Seishiro-chan, when did you learn about all this stuff? Sei-chan, you couldn't be...
Seishiro: Hokuto-chan, you're out of tea! Here, I'll get you some.
Hokuto: You're so mean! Why won't you answer my question?
Seishiro: You know, Hokuto-chan, maybe you should think about going on a diet...
Hokuto: Oh no! No one will want to marry me!

Yamakawa: The report gives the cause of death as shock. The Shachou had a weak heart. The elevator failure was caused by metal fatigue in the winch. Since it's been declared as an accident the case is closed. subaru-kun. I was reassigned today. I'm being moved to a graft case.
Subaru: Eh?
Yamakawa: I was told that this case is now off limits to me.
Subaru: Once Kazami-san finds out she'll be even more depressed.
Yamakawa: Kazami? *A ball comes close to them. Yamakawa takes it.*
Child: Ojichan, thanks!
Yamakawa: The MCC Shadanhōjin scheduled an emergency board meeting. They want this project to use the very latest technology. But the Shachou is dead and the CEO is still hospitalized. So there's no one left in Nagumo's way now. This project will be the test for their new Shachou. President Nagumo Shinji.
Children: Hey mister!
Yamakawa: Sorry. Here you go! *he kicks the ball*

Guy: Well done. We've lost too many important men since Aso died. I was afraid the company would collapse. We gambled everything on this project but it's finally done. You deserve a good portion of the credit for that.
Nagumo: I'm honoured.
Guy: You and Aso were to be the next leaders of this company. If only Aso had lived.
Yamakawa: So, will the chairman be the next?
Nagumo: Have you stopped to insult now that you're off the case? If I planned a crime I certainly wouldn't leave any evidence.
Yamakawa: I'm sure of that.
Nagumo: Then you'd better hurry up. This project will be officially finished in two days. After that, you'll have to dig through someone else's garbage.

Kazami: Forgive me, Coney! Fogive me!

Yamakawa: Just give me an opening, Nagumo. The game had just begun! *he turns and sees Kazami fainting* Hey! What's wrong? Aso-san! Aso-san! Aso-san! Aso-san!

Doctor: There was a lot of blood on her.
Hokuto: What did they say?
Seishiro: The doctor don't know what's wrong with her.
Kazami: Coney!
Hokuto: Coney?
Kazami: Forgive me! Coney!
Subaru: Inugami!

Yamakawa: What would Aso Goro's sister be doing here? *The inugami awakes and attacks Nagumo*

Subaru: Hokuto-chan, take care of Kazami-san!

Yamakawa: Nagumo!

Subaru: We're so close!
Seishiro: Here we go!

Nagumo: My arm! My arm! *the blob attack Yamakawa*

Seishiro: Be careful!
Subaru: Yes!

Subaru: Yamakawa-san! It's Subaru! Yamakawa-san, where are you? Ah! *The bloob releases Yamakawa and goes to Nagumo*

Kazami: Coney!
Hokuto: 'Subaru...'

Subaru: Why did you do this?
Nagumo: He was unlucky. Or maybe I should say he was lucky. Lucky to be present at my awakening.
Subaru: 'He's controlling it...'
Nagumo: Do you understand? Do you know how much power is flowing through me? I've become more than human!

Hokuto: It's coming! *Hokuto makes a Kekkai. The Sakanagi hits* Subaru!

*Subaru jumps out from a window. He manages to grab a side of a bridge and climbs on it. Nagumo sees him.*
Nagumo: Show me your power, Sumeragi Subaru! *Nagumo attacks. Subaru avoids and escape. Nagumo reaches him and then, using telekinesis throws against him a machinery. Subaru attacks causing Nagumo to be injured. Nagumo attacks. Subaru exorcises his attack.*
Subaru: The Inugami will not return to you.
Nagumo: I had to win. I had to beat Aso-san, no matter what. That's why I jumped off. And I won my bet. I won. There must be some mistake here! The city chose me.
Subaru: Nagumo-san...
Nagumo: That's right! When Aso died, the city chose me! The city needs me! *he breaks a glass with his arm, get back his power and attacks Subaru trapping him.* Me! Yes, I've been chosen! The city! *A hawk interrupts Nagumo*
Seishiro: Your desires and the needs of this city are completely inconsequential to me. But I will not allow you to harm Subaru-kun. *Nagumo attacks him but fails* I think you'll find that I'm not as gentle as Subaru-kun. *Nagumo attacks Seishiro again. Seishiro hits back. Nagumo is seriously injured. He watches Subaru then falls. His power destroyes him.*

Hokuto: It's over. Don't scare me like that, Subaru.
Kazami: Who're you?
Hokuto: Subaru's sister.
Kazami: Nagumo?
Hokuto: It's all over now. Your pain will probably never completely heal but it's time fo you to move on. You'll meet someone special and fall in love. You have to let go of the past. Let go of your revenge and learn to be happy. For the sake of your brother.

Seishiro: If you'd let loose, he wouldn't have given you much trouble.
Subaru: The detective...
Seishiro: Don't worry, Yamakawa-san is going to be fine. Subaru-kun, you're always so tender-hearted. If you're too soft and let someone kill you, you'll end up making Hokuto-chan cry.

1. The quote I used had been translated by jeldi. The subs actually said ‘You're the head of the Sumeragi family! For over 2000 years our family has been protecting Japan spiritually! I know the family isn't very big anymore but we've always been the greatest Onmyouji in Japan serving the Emperor since the tenth century! You're the head of our family! Don't be such a pathetic wimp!’
(Anonymous) on December 20th, 2010 04:01 am (UTC)
To this day, CPM's translation/subtitles makes me cringe. I don't think it was a "mistake" that they translated "Seishirou-san" as "good morning". Commercial subtitles back then didn't tend to be very accurate since the anime fans who knew Japanese were much fewer than they are now. I still remembering not knowing whether to laugh or cry when I watched the OVAs dubbed with subtitles and knowing both the spoken and written translations (which were different) were wrong compared to the original Japanese. *sigh*
Jeldijeldi on December 20th, 2010 04:02 am (UTC)
Oops, didn't realize my LJ wasn't logged in. That was me!
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 20th, 2010 04:11 pm (UTC)
Maybe they thought it would make more sense... but even for a person who doesn't get a word of Japanese it's easy to figure out they have messed up!
But I can't complain, it's not like here in Italy they felt they had to give us accurate translations... though sometimes they gave us epic translations (Saint Seiya's dialogues were heavily changed but also made a lot more epic... with people quoting even the Divina Commedia... many think it was thanks to the changes it was so popular and I had to say when I've read the original I was shocked by the changes but yes, our dialogues were cooler... though often a bit too heavily made up... Sadly Saint Seiya put aside, other anime who suffered of heavy dialogue changes weren't so lucky... they turned them in baby show with pointless/messy/senseless dialogues... I still cry for Dragonball... ;_;)

... though I wish they had stuck more to the original text... but after hearing the Spanish sub of the first OAV (and laughimaddly because they tried to make Seishiro look as if he loved Hokuto) I think I can content myself with this...