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26 December 2010 @ 06:58 pm
Tokyo Babylon re-watching: Tokyo Babylon 2  
Again late, I'm sorry... -_-

Okay, as of now in my country Friday came and went so you can start the re-watching and, once you're done, comment about it here.
Remember to put a spoiler warning if you're going to discuss anything that's about other manga or that happens post this two stories and try to be as talktive as you can!
It won't be that much fun if we all comment with a 'CLAMP did a nice work on this...' ^_-
(Rules and info about where to find the TB material are here)

Quick summary of what we're going to re-watch if you want to spoil yourself

Tokyo Babylon 2

Subaru has to deal with more mysterious deaths and with a girl that can see in the past...
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 27th, 2010 01:34 pm (UTC)
Part 1
Warning: Spoilers for TB and X...
The second OAV was produced after the end of TB and is kind of similar to the first one. Same character design, same background music, same voices… There’s even an attempt at giving it an opening, too bad it’s not particularly good (what’s the point of showing random places in Tokyo that won’t even figure in the OAV, especially considering the city itself has no role in the OAV?). The characters show a more interesting and more colourful wardrobe although the scenes are more often than not placed during the night or in dark places and there’s a preponderance of green colour.
Tokyo Babylon 2
Two words. The plot is poor, couldn’t care less about involving Onmyouji, the pace is worse, there’s abuse of original characters and pointless scenes as well as coincidences, the juicy moments are few although some are PARTICULARLY GOOD (okay, I totally love some of them but they can’t save a whole 50 minutes OAV). Also, Subaru didn’t really get a cool role. He’s more of a witness than anything else and, apart from saving Mirei once, he didn’t really accomplish much… This summarizes the whole OAV but if you want it in more details please, keep on reading. Just be mindful of the fact I’m not going to be nice with the OAV… guess I shouldn’t do this now but when I’m in a better mood but… oh well, who cares…

We get so see something juicy, the moment in which Sei&Su made the bet… only the scene isn’t complete but it’s like Subaru remembers it in his dreams, with Seishiro’s last words covered by the wind.
I particularly like this because there’s a bit that strongly reminds me the scene in which Seishiro told Subaru is last words, although here they had cut the moment in which Seishiro caressed Subaru’s cheek… -_-
Anyway child Subaru is a cutie and teen Seishiro already promises to grow up as handsome.
We move to night Tokyo and the OAV, for unknown reasons, feels the need to remind us about the story of Babylon. Mind you, despite Tokyo being showed in the opening and here being compared to Babel, the city as a whole completely lack of presence in this OAV. It’s not represented as a ‘willing entity who chose people’ like in the first, nor as the mass of people that live in it, a representation that recurs often in the manga. The OAV could care less of Tokyo.
Then there’s a subway train and a corpse falling in the water, just so as to inform us we’ll again deal with a murder story. Random bits about the subway then we see Subaru is on a subway train. He’s not sleeping. So why did we have that flashback? Is it going to be of some importance to the plot? You wish.
More random subway scene. A guy, who gives a clear ‘I’m a bad guy’ vibe, climb abroad the subway, in the vagon next to Subaru who now looks as if he’s sleeping and kills a woman. Long murdering scene in which Subaru wakes up but, although he tries, he’s too late to save the woman. Please notice how the woman is covered in blood but her dress is untouched.
More subway in case we wanted to know how it looked. Scene with the police, then stairs of the subway then subway. Someone will have to tell me why they felt the need for all those random scenes nobody could care about. It’s not like those guys are Miyazaki who makes amazingly backgrounds.
Subaru’s being questioned by a new policeman. I really wonder if maybe the translation ‘Yamakawa will be fine’ had been added and in truth the guy died. If he is alive I don’t see why Subaru had to meet a new policeman. Well, 3 really. Kono, his assistant, Hamaji and Sumida, who’s the jerk policeman who’s carrying there Mirei. Whos’ Mirei? Another new character. This OAV has quite a bunch and they’re all under characterized. Depressing.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 27th, 2010 01:35 pm (UTC)
Part 2
By the way, isn’t it annoying and pointless how they felt the need to interrupt the scene to show Mirei was coming there? Couldn’t they merely have her join the party? But this OAV will also have many interruptions in his scenes…
In fact Mirei joins the party and, for quite a while, the scene keeps on switching from what’s going on to the crime scene to what will be going on in Subaru’s house as he will retold what had happened to Hokuto and Seishiro. Personally I found that constant scene switching rather annoying. If they wanted to show Hokuto and Seishiro they could have sent them too there to retrieve Subaru.
The sudden changes are abrupt and interrupt the flow of the narration.
Another thing we really didn’t need is rewatching the murdering scene when Mirei used her powers. Anyway it’s sweet how Subaru worries for Mirei. Mirei also worries for Subaru. Kono comes out a bit of a jerk at first because he acts rather gruffly and insists for Subaru to remember what had happened. We’ll see he’s not a jerk but just a man doing his job. Still he won’t shine as a character and he’s the best developed among the 3 policemen. Sumida, we’ll learn, is a jerk willing to use anyone, Kono’s assistant… he’s just there. End of the story.
Anyway, as if we didn’t have enough random scene let’s watch a police car under the rain. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting. And okay, there’s Mirei talking in the background. And again we show us footage we’ve already seen, specifically, Subaru’s Shiki.
Then Subaru has to toss in he’s an Onmyouji and Mirei tosses in she has postcognitive powers. Let’s interrupt everything to get Seishiro explaining Hokuto and us all what postcognition is in case you’re not smart enough to get it (I wonder at which target the TB OAV aimed… it was pretty easy to guess what Mirei’s power was even if you didn’t know how it was called). Also I wonder about why Hokuto never heard of it. Oh well… Also I’d like SeiSu interaction instead than SeiHokuto interaction.
Now let’s move to Subaru making the identikit of the killer and get some random info about how the thing work. You still awake in there? Wait because now we jump AGAIN to Subaru and Mirei talking about Mirei’s power and Subaru sounds like an idiot when he tries to point out past is infinite. By now we know not only he can have precognitive dream but that X is started and he’s going to star in it and therefore deal with Hinoto. If past is infinite, future isn’t any shorter. If one can look in the future and it’s not forced to look at it all, it’s clear the same will work for the past.
New jump in which Seishiro explains us why she wears gloves. I wonder who told him. The only cute thing of all this is Subaru watching his gloved hands, underlining the connection between him and Mirei.
More back and forth between Seishiro and Hokuto talking with Subaru and Subaru talking with Mirei.
From all this we get Mirei is kind as Subaru and she’s in a situation similar to him.
Okay, we’ve got it, this OAV is trying to draw a parallel between the 2.
Also Seishiro sees the need to randomly point out people are jealous of espers even if in this OAV there will be no one who is.
Oh, I forgot to tell you that, in case you hadn’t seen it the first time or the second, you get another flashback in which you see again the murder.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 27th, 2010 01:35 pm (UTC)
Part 3
And now let’s introduce a new character, as if the ones we have weren’t enough. Kiriko, whom Mirei calls mom, but that in truth isn’t her mother. Enjoy the long introductive scene in which you only learn the woman name, the over mentioned relation between the two, the fact that she’s a precognitive, their first meeting and that she makes a ominous prediction about her time being almost up. All things I’m sure you were dying to know. -_- Well, I wasn’t (also I don’t get the need to give Mirei and Kiriko such complicate relationship. Them being mother and child was more than fine).
Subaru has a nightmare in which he sees again the murder but, at least, they redraw it differently because, in Subaru’s dream, it happened differently with Mirei witnessing it.
Now, it’s very cute Hokuto bring him something to drink but it’s night Subaru’s wearing a pyjamas and was sleeping till moments ago… so why Hokuto is dressed and bringing him tea when she should have known he was sleeping? Hokuto lives in the apartment next door, I doubt Subaru phoned her and told her ‘bring me tea’. And since the following scene is still placed at night it’s easy to guess that’s not Subaru’s morning cup of tea. Random night shots of Tokyo before seeing that, since Subaru couldn’t sleep, they decided to go for a walk. Hokuto will give Subaru the same ‘don’t worry about things you can fix’ speech she gave him in the manga and… guess what? Seishiro joined the fun.
And mind you, he wasn’t invited, apparently he showed up because he knew Subaru was distressed. Now, it can be romantic but it’s also creepy how he likely showed up in the middle of the night to go with the twins out for a walk in Tokyo. Although the scene in which he says so and Hokuto cheers for him is ADORABLE. But maybe Seishiro was out for groceries (okay groceries+Seishiro=sweets) since he’s carrying a bag which will later learn is filled with cake.
Anyway the gang ends up meeting ANOTHER original character… because yes, there wasn’t enough of them. -_- Oh and guess what? He’s another guy with postcognition.
So let’s count the new guys:
3 policemen
1 killer
3 people with post/pre-cognition
And, of course, random victims. Don’t we get a little too many new chara 3 of which randomly met each other (and the main gang) and have, guess what, weird powers?
At least Miyatake is the last character they’ll add. His hobby? To collect building scraps. Now, people complains about how naïve is Subaru but… Miyatake invites 3 random strangers in his house, one of which is a man and Hokuto accepts the invitation of a random stranger. Okay, so there’s Seishiro along but still… it’s not the wisest thing to do.
Anyway they get to a house filled with stones that seems more a magazine for them than a place for someone to live in and Miyatake shows off his best piece, a stone with a human bone in it. Seishiro immediately recognizes the human bone. Before saying this gives him out let’s remember he’s also a vet and therefore he studied medicine a bit better than us. His statement might come out a bit like ‘best student in the class’ but it’s possible to have that knowledge without being Sakurazukamori. Of course the fact he shows it out so carelessly and with such speed makes us immediately think of the fact he’s Sakurazukamori but Miyatake doesn’t suspect him to be more than he looks so I guess it’s possible for a vet or a random person to guess right. Also he might have tossed in a reply.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 27th, 2010 01:36 pm (UTC)
Part 4
So really, it’s kind of fun because to us he sound suspicious but to a casual observant he might have just made a lucky guess or merely have gained enough knowledge in school to recognize it.
Anyway we’ve discovered Seishiro isn’t the only one who feels the need to talk about creepy stuffs like corpses buried under Sakura trees around Subaru. Miyatake is all for talking about corpses buried under building, although he insists on the incident theory while Seishiro would have liked it to be a murder.
And okay, now we got the OAV is trying to draw a parallel between Miyatake and Seishiro, though we don’t get yet why it felt the need to add a new character.
Now let’s have Mirei too have nightmares like Subaru because, you must not forget there’s a parallel between her and Subaru going on. I’ve no idea if the sub translated correctly Subaru’s thoughts but I found them stupid. If two post cognitive were to meet and touch they would likely see each other past and that would be all. Besides we’ve already seen Mirei doesn’t see the WHOLE past of something, just the bits that left a strong impression so his worries are pointless.
Random, pointless shots about Miyatake showing us more clearly he’s a post cognitive and the police finding the corpse we saw at the beginning. Then Kono says he wants to talk to Mirei. About this? You wish. But I’m running ahead.
Okay, now we see another unimportant scene about Mirei spending some quality time with the woman whom she calls mother but that’s not her mother and who, despite being a pre cognitive, doesn’t wear gloves and feels the need to toss in Mirei is going to meet her perfect mate soon (couldn’t have she done this earlier? Did we need to see this?).
Then Kiriko, the precognitive, take the subway knowing she’ll be killed. Probably saw this in her hand but then… why to take the subway? In TB and partly in X there are many chara that believes destiny can’t be avoided so, once they get a prediction, doesn’t even bother to try and escape it. It’s kind of annoying to see how they fatalistically surrender to this. I prefer the ones who fight against this even when they fail (like Kakyou, or early Kamui or even Evil Hinoto) to the ones that say ‘oh well, destiny has decided so’.
Then Kono takes Mirei to a crime scene. The one we saw before? No, why would you think so?
Actually the crime Kono is interested in happened 12 years ago and he knows who the culprit was but wants Mirei to give a look to the past trapped in that place. Where a little boy killed his little sister. Actually the flashback Mirei has doesn’t explain at all how it happened. It doesn’t even seem a murder scene. At first it looks more like the girl fell from a stool, hit her head and died. In fact the boy is shaking her as if he didn’t expect her to be dead. Then we see she has some thin rope which might be around her neck (but could also be a weird necklace or part of her dress since the picture is so unclear) and the boy who seems confuse. Then the mother gets back at home and is shocked (evidently she understood first glance her daughter is dead and hadn’t just fainted because she doesn’t bother checking her condition even if, from her position, she can’t see her lifeless eyes) while the little boy is happy to see her.
Now, if this unravel a murder of which Kono already knew the culprit I’m Agatha Christie.
Anyway Mirei cries, Subaru and Hamaji joins the party. Why Subaru is here is a mystery.
Kono kindly informs Subaru and Mirei he knew who the culprit of the crime was but that the fact the boy told him he didn’t have a reason to kill his sister haunted him. It’s not like Mirei’s vision helped giving a reason to it, more likely it seemed to imply it was an accident, if you’ve to take into consideration the boy didn’t seem to get he had killed his sister. Oh, and we get the boy is our subway killer. If that’s an attempt to give him a background and a motivation it’s pitiful.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 27th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
Part 5
If the OAV wanted us to sympathize with him because a mistake in his childhood had lead him to become a mad murder maybe they should have kept things more clear. If they wanted us to despise him no need to make the flashback. He’s already has hateable as he can be. And they don’t even bother to give him a name, not even in the ending credits. Talk about poor characterization.
More random scenes of Mirei and Subaru in a car before we finally get why Miyatake was put in the OAV. Back in the past a teen Miyatake and a little Mirei met in a building under which someone was buried, discovered they had similar powers and promised they would meet each other again.
Yes, exactly like Seishiro and Subaru only without the creepy promise of one of them being killed. On the contrary that meeting helped Mirei to feel she wasn’t alone (but that hadn’t been Kiriko’s job? Oh well…).
Now you got the point of this OAV? Showing us a couple who’s apparently very similar to Sei&Su and that will have a happy ending. Someone cares about this pairing? Ship it? Well, I don’t. Really, I would have appreciated more focus on the couple I cared about.
Then Kiriko gets killed. The police gets called. Subaru and Mirei are taken there and okay, it’s fine for them to take there Mirei but what about Subaru? Anyway they talks about what happened when finally Mirei discovers the one murdered is Kiriko. Hum, I’d like to chronometer how much wasted footage this OAV has.
Mirei faints and end up in the infirmary, wakes up, demands to see Kiriko, have a flashback about the murder that merely reveal the killer is the same as the one of the previous murder and that he had killed her because she sat at his seat.
She won’t manage to tell this oh so important thing to Kono because he has to leave for a meeting.
More uninteresting footage in which Subaru carries Mirei at home and she’s joined by Sumida.
Subaru gets back home but he’s not hungry. Much love for Hokuto in a cat costume probably this scene is one of the few bright pint of this OAV.
Times go by. Rain. Sumida and Mirei agree that she’ll play as bait. Of course they had to wait a day before doing it. One would kind of wonder about their relation also. He’s her jerk of a boyfriend or her connection with the police? Interesting enough he doesn’t go to her but phone her to tell her she’ll play as bait. Wouldn’t have been easier to go to her and carry her to the subway? But hey, we’ve still 20 minutes of footage to cover and we need to waste time.
Random background and subway footage. We discover Miyatake is in the subway, and he’s breaking a wall to get a scrap of it. Isn’t this vandalism?
Also isn’t it forbidden to wander through the subway tunnels?
Mirei leaves her house just when Subaru was calling her. Now Sumida said he would pick her up at 11 PM. Isn’t Subaru calling her awfully late? Anyway she doesn’t answer and Subaru decides to go search for her. In the subway. Which in Tokyo must be awfully short for him to have a chance to find her.
rose_erato: blushing subarurose_erato on December 31st, 2010 09:10 am (UTC)
Re: Part 5
I too, loved Hokuto's cat outfit. I thought it was so adorable.

Yeah, I didn't care for this new couple we see having a happy ending, but I did find it interesting to see how they paralleled with Seishirou and Subaru. Of course, Subaru and Seishirou didn't have a happy ending, but I wonder if they are supposed to represent how Seishirou and Subaru can turn out.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 31st, 2010 11:24 pm (UTC)
Re: Part 5
Exactly! One of her best outfits!

Well, yes, the parallel was interesting but... it was kind of cruel. The OAV was madein 1994. Fans knew Sei&Su won't have a happy ending so... throwing in our face another couple who had it... it's cruel... ;_;
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 27th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
Part 6
Random footage of Mirei in the subway while Sumida check over her. Dear good how much random footage there’s in this OAV? Kono discovers their plan and decides to join the party. Subaru gets on the subway. The killer does that also. Kono and Hamaji does to. The killer gets close to Mirei who doesn’t look suspicious at all, does she? And please admire the suspense or lack thereof. Anyway Subaru, Kono and Hamaji get aboard the train too but they aren’t close to where Mirei is (How Subaru had guessed Mirei is there is a mystery). Subaru’s running, Hamaji is stuck, Kono, who knows Mirei is there, walks calmly.
More pointless staring between Mirei and the killer. The killer moves closer to her and tells her she’s on his place. Sumida finally tries to stop him but the killer readily kill him. Either he knew the policeman was there or Sumida is a big fail. Mirei, delicate, frail Mirei, manages to push the killer far as if he was a leaf. Subaru finds a door close and, although he still has no idea Mirei is there and so the killer, destroy a window to go on. Kono instead is still walking calmly. A leak of water forces the train to stop. Just next to Miyatake.
Isn’t this the OAV of coincidences?
Meanwhile Kono’s walking so ‘quickly’ Hamaji managed to join him but they find Subaru standing next to Sumida’s corpse. Now, considering a man just had been killed and Mirei isn’t around maybe shouldn’t they hurry to search for her? No, let’s chat a little!
Random subway shots then we see Mirei, who has evidently escaped, trying to guess where the killer is using her powers which has evidently grown because first she could feel only strong emotions now she can use them to locate a killer taking a walk because yes, the killer walks and this reminds me of the cartoons of ‘Pepé Le Pew’. But Subaru and Kono walks too so maybe there’s nothing to worry. Apart the fact Mirei is chased by a mad killer but well, who cares?
Meanwhile Hamaji promises to tell Hokuto about Subaru’s where about and Subaru tells him to tell her not to worry. I can picture the call. ‘Hey, you know your brother whom he thought was searching for his friend Mirei? Now he’s in the subway hunting after a dangerous killer who had murdered already 3 people, his sister and a policeman. Please don’t worry about him at all…’ Really, in this sort of cases it was better to let Hokuto in the dark if you don’t want to worry her Subaru.
More random shots before we’ll discover Mirei’s power fail and despite we can clearly hear footsteps, she doesn’t get the killer is behind her. But maybe standing there wasn’t the best plan. Running away was more like it. The killer cut the rope that kept tied to her neck a stone (a present of teen Miyatake) letting it fall on the ground. Then he tries to take the role of Seishiro/Miyatake making a bet with her win which he promises her that, should she run fast enough, he would let her go. He begins to count. Mirei kindly waits before beginning to run because I guess she felt it was unfair to have so much advantage. Someone (the killer? He’s the only one close) pick up her stone, then the killer moves after her.
Meanwhile Seishiro and Hokuto had gotten there because evidently, after that reassuring phone call Hokuto must have received past 12:30 am (it’s the time of the run Mirei took) Hokuto threw Seishiro out of the bed and have him carry her to the subway. I knew there was a reason if Seishiro killed her in the manga, getting up someone at that late hour to have him play driver under the rain surely issues a death warrant.
Anyway, Hokuto offers us her ‘who hurts Subaru must die’ quote. I would say it’s sweet if I didn’t know this will work SO WELL in ‘X’. Really girl, maybe you should take into consideration your brother’s feelings before going around killing people using him as weapon. Okay, so Seishiro has his huge share of fault but I thought you really know better.
rose_erato: seishiroxsubarurose_erato on December 31st, 2010 09:16 am (UTC)
Re: Part 6
It's dangerous to wake Seishirou at such a late hour, lol. Hokuto is very protective of her brother, but unfortunately, she doesn't think about how it will affect Subaru. As you pointed out, we see how that turned out in X.

Personally, I would've loved to have seen the ova focus on someone stalking Subaru and seeing how he handles it, as well as seeing Seishirou's reaction to it. I think that would've been interesting to see. We also could see more about Seishirou and Subaru's relationship. I so wanted to see this fleshed out more.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 31st, 2010 11:27 pm (UTC)
Re: Part 6
*nods* very dangerous! Exactly. That's maybe one of the saddest point of the whole story. How Hokuto, meaning well, ended up getting Subaru in an even worse situation.

I agree! I agree! This would have been a much more interesting plot! I wouldn't have minded also seeing more aout Subaru's family. Or, well, whatever else that was about the characters. They could have tried introducing Kakyou since they had started X and this would have legitimated the Kakyou/Hokuto more. And no, CLAMP, I didn't aprecciate the surprise. It felt incredibly random.

One of those days I'm going to write how I wanted this OAV's plot to be done...
rose_erato: seishiroxsubarurose_erato on January 2nd, 2011 04:38 am (UTC)
Re: Part 6
Seeing an ova about Subaru's family would actully be pretty interesting to watch. Since it would still be tied into Subaru the plot wouldn't be so random.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on January 5th, 2011 09:43 pm (UTC)
Re: Part 6
Exactly! And it would have been nice to have more background info about the Sumeragi...
It's disappointing because CLAMP should have worked at thse OAV but the first looks like it had been done by someone who barely knew how TB worked and copied it for the plot while the second looks like someone had copied the 1st OAV! What about having again a mystery, policemen and murders and nearly no Onmyoudo at all or social issues? It completely changed the spirit of TB! In the second OAV Subaru could have been a common teen for all his Onmyoudo was useful to the plot!
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 27th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
Part 7
Seishiro’s perfectly calm. I don’t know, I get the feeling he’s pretending not to be worried about his prey being in a situation that can potentially kill him… but maybe that’s just me. Or maybe not. Hokuto kind of looks shocked. Either because he’s too calm or because she can see that calm covers some sort of inner turmoil.
Anyway Mirei, running like a mad woman, reached a dead end. The killer, who’s still walking and, due to this will, from now on, get the nick of Pepé, is right after her.
At this point Mirei pulls out from nowhere Sumida’s gun that previously she had kept hidden in the pocket she didn’t have. -_- When one think this can’t get any worse… -_- Really guys the first OAV should have taught you not to do action scenes, why do you insist so?
After some random explanation about Mirei having only three bullets (this isn’t a western movie after all and guns can’t shot infinitely) Pepé attacks and Mirei finally decides to shot. Actually Pepé is rather close and since he decides to run at her he should have reached her in a minute but I guess they were under one of Tsubasa Oozora soccer playground so, even if you run like a madman, you move in slow motion. In fact he doesn’t reach her immediately. She manages to shoot 3 times and, even if he’s so close she miss him twice but, at the third shot, she hit him on a shoulder. By the way, if you’re shooting at someone don’t aim to the head or the heart. Aim to the stomach or the intestine. Easier to hit, painful and will kill your target anyway (really, Mirei, you should have read more thriller books so you would have known this…)
Anyway, despite having being hit and beginning to lose a considerable amount of blood Pepé still run after Mirei and yes, there should have been Tsubasa’s playground over them is he hadn’t reached her yet.
Subaru and Kono hear the shot. Subaru ran to Mirei worried. Kono… doesn’t. I worry for Japan if that’s the efficiency of their police.
Outside is raining and instead than waiting in the car Seishiro and Hokuto prefer to wait out, under the rain… and I think the battery of Seishiro’s van is gonna die soon since he’s keeping his light turned on and he won’t return back to the van till morning…
Anyway as Seishiro and Hokuto hear the shots Seishiro decides it’s time to save the day… hem, Subaru. I wonder what he would have done had that guy shot at Subaru. Well, Seishiro’s cool with his hair wet but I fear he’s gonna get a cold because he’s gonna be completely soaked considering how much it rains and how he had to walk in the water for a while. Or maybe not. Later he’ll be completely dry. Ah, the miracles of Onmyoudo. Cute how Hokuto wanted him to carry the umbrella along. It would have surely been useful against shots. Seishiro could have hit Pepé on the head with the umbrella (though I think it would have been more in Seishiro’s style to stab Pepé with it…). Also weird how Hokuto accepted to stay there. Hadn’t she just promised she would kill who were to hurt Subaru? Okay, she might entrust the ‘saving Subaru’ part to Seishiro but still… I would have gone checking and I’m not as overprotective as Hokuto, who showed no fear when she was about to be killed by Seishiro.
Pepé is wasting time in scaring Mirei when Miyatake came to rescue. Now Miyatake is a healthy young man and Pepé is losing lot of blood and maybe his arm is broken so who do you think will win? Yes, Pepé… -_- who evidently think it’s more important to kill Mirei, a weak frail woman, than finish off Miyatake while he’s lying on the ground… and you know what? He’s right, Miyatake won’t do anything useful apart to find the stone Mirei carried and get she was the girl he met as a teen. Romantic if it wasn’t for Mirei about to be killed. Now, instead than closing the heavy passage from which she just came out Mirei let it open so Pepé, who has only one arm working and couldn’t have opened it standing on a stair, can comfortably use it.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 27th, 2010 01:38 pm (UTC)
Part 8
Okay, I’ll give her the benefit of ‘she’s scared out of her mind and she isn’t thinking rationally’. Of course she runs away and Pepé, being Pepé, walks after her and reaches her quickly. I admire how Pepé is handling is blood loss. A normal man would be dead by now but not our Pepé. He’s up for going around, climbing stairs and killing. Meanwhile Miyatake finally manages to stand and… to send Subaru to rescue Mirei. He’s definitely not as cool as Pepé if he needs to send a teen after a killer to save the girl of his dreams. Pepé, who evidently found the time to put away his knife after the rushed fight with Miyatake, now pulls it out and, despite Subaru’s presence, is set on killing Mirei when Subaru did the only thing he ‘ll do that’s useful for the OAV’s plot. He’ll stop him using his Shiki. Pepé falls in the water but he swims away expertly, despite not being able to use one arm and the blood loss.
Can I point out he’s a tough guy and that this OAV will show the only resistant men are killers?
Mirei tries to return back but tries to grab Subaru’s hand too early so she predictably slip. Subaru grabs her (how I don’t know since he couldn’t reach her previously and in her fall she pulled back so she got even farther) but he’s finding really hard to hold her. Now, this is fair and reasonable considering Subaru is a teen who weight a lot less than Mirei… but considering as an adult he’ll be able to jump on buildings and in the previous OAV he showed some amazing qualities as well, I think he should have managed to pull her up. But well, let’s blame her gloves that were slippery in fact Subaru ends up holding one of her gloves. Now Mirei is falling, falling, falling… because when people fall, fall quickly doesn’t they? And although Subaru’s arms are shorter than a man, they aren’t so short… but Miyatake , who had also found the time to get his eyeglasses on (where was the hurry after all, Mirei was merely about to get killed…) and evidently is a member of the Fantastic 4 better known as Mr Fantastic manages to push him away, and use his elastic arm to reach her. He grabs her hand and, even though she was falling, it didn’t slip from his (evidently he grabbed it so tightly he broke her fingers in the process). They’re both holding naked hands and no, as expected their power didn’t allow them to see far into the infinite past. There are some flashbacks, which funny enough regard only Mirei because the OAV didn’t want to make up footage about Miyatake then they get at their first meeting and then they have their own little romantic moment… while Miyatake is still holding Mirei up.
Meanwhile Pepé, whom I remember likely has a broken arm and is blending to dead, is RUNNING, yes running and considering how fast he walked if he run he must reach the other side of Earth in a sec… oh no, he’s likely running over Tsubasa Oozora’s ex Playground now turned into some train deposit. So he’s slow. And he’s also detected by Seishiro’s shiki.
Aren’t we late Seishiro? If Pepé hadn’t been so set on Mirei he might have killed Subaru hours ago. But Pepé is a gentleman that always think ladies first…
Now… in a fashion is cool to see Seishiro like that but when you think at it it’s kind of ridicule to see him standing on a clock when there are tons of more comfortable places to stand and he’s using his Shiki to check around. He’s kind of playing Yuto’s role in X Vol 2… -_-
Also notice behind him there’s the Chi no Ryu’s main headquarter. Interesting, isn’t it?
Pepé is still running but FINALLY is arm is starting to hurt and he’s sweating. He’s not leaving around a trail of blood though and his clothes look dry despite the bath he just took. In fact he’s not even leaving a wet trail although he had lost his hat.
rose_erato: seishiroxsubarurose_erato on December 31st, 2010 09:22 am (UTC)
Re: Part 8
This whole scenerio with the killer wasn't well thought out, was it? Maybe this guy had some supernatural power? Not up to the level of Seishirou or Subaru, but enough that he can run around with a broken arm. Or maybe he has a high tolorence for pain.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 31st, 2010 11:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Part 8
It was a complete fail. High supernatural power. Not only he as a broken arm but acted as if he was perfectly fine, but he's running around despite the blood loss. When he's hit the blood sprayed out visibly. In short the bullet should have hit an artery, a thing that already cause serious bloodloss. And he kept running and moving, a thing that cause more bloodloss. But, after spraying in the beginning. He doesn't lose a single drop of blood. Isn't this magic? Pepé was rally amazing.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 27th, 2010 01:38 pm (UTC)
Part 9
Subaru, since no one else wants to take care of this (Kono is still lost somewhere in the subway with his assistant and Miyatake must protect Mirei now that the danger has ended), goes after the killer.
Pepé is panting like a madman… maybe he’s starting to get affected by all he went though. He still manages to hear Subaru walking slowly (but evidently with heavy steps that makes lot of noise), hide, be unnoticed by Subaru and attack him from behind. Amazing how he manages to get rid of Subaru’s hat, that doesn’t just fall but flies away and wrap the rope around Subaru’s neck twice before Subaru will manage to react.
So amazing it’s impossible for a normal guy with a broken and blending arm who should be worm out even if he’s against a normal teen.
Subaru faints in 5 seconds. No, I’m not joking I watched the clock. And it takes more to cause you to faint due to air loss. Anyway Subaru’s lying on the ground and Pepé, who’s hunted, wounded and with a broken arm decides the smart thing to do isn’t escape but find something heavy and break Subaru’s head. Seishiro evidently noticed somehow… although his Shiki was with him and he wasn’t wearing glasses and he wasn’t in a position from which he could have witnessed the scene. Anyway he sees and uses an illusion on Pepé (I doubt Pepé has turned into Sakura petals for real) and gives him his trademark speech ‘Touch Subaru and die’ and we knows he means it literally.
Meanwhile Subaru randomly dreams about the bet then wakes up and see Seishiro… which would have been even better pulled out if they had let us see how, back at the time they made the bet, Subaru had also woken up and saw Seishiro but well, the OAV is going to pretend you haven’t read the end of TB yet… Seishiro has a sweet expression but says nothing. Subaru looks around and see Pepé lying on the ground and he’s shocked. Mind you, if Pepé had managed to cut his air supply it shouldn’t be so easy for Subaru to wake up but… we’re not told I Pepé is dead or just fainted for the shock of Seishiro’s illusion though Subaru, seeing him, looks shocked.
My guess is he was killed like Nagi since the style seemed the same but I might be wrong and Pepé had merely turned insane as it happened to the girls in Vol 3… if the blood loss hadn’t killed him. The next piece of conversation won’t give us any helpful info apart what we could have guessed already, Pepé had no good reasons to kill, he merely though people were intruding into his territory and reacted killing them like a wild animal would.
Meanwhile Hokuto is still next to the van… actually she’s leaning against it although it had to be wet due to the rain. Oh and Seishiro’s battery died out since the lights are turned off. Coincidentally, instead than returning in the subway and going for a way opposite to the one taken by Pepé, Mirei and Miyatake decided the best way to get out of that place was to pass for a way close to the one Pepé took and climb a wall to get out of the subway territory, ending up with their feet in the water and right in front of Hokuto.
Oh and please note that so far the police is nowhere to be seen and that, since they took that way, it’s unlikely they had warned/met Kono about what had happened.
Oh well, at least we hears the sirens of the police… maybe, now that Pepé is dead/unconscious, they decided to come check on him?
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 27th, 2010 01:41 pm (UTC)
Part 10
Okay, now Subaru gives to Kono the psychological explanation about Pepé’s action I mentioned above… because Subaru of course is a psychology expert and got to talk and discuss with Pepé for hours about his motivations.
Hokuto joins him, hugging him tightly. That’s another of the few bits worth being seen. Subaru don’t hug her back… he’s busy nursing his hat, which she probably squashed beyond salvation and worrying about Mirei. Hokuto, who coincidentally saw her, assures him she’s fine and that, despite her obvious idiocy at taking a way Pepé might have also taken as well, she hadn’t met him or his ghost. Okay, she didn’t say the last bit. Still, Subaru, how could Mirei be? You left her while she was fine and chased after Pepé, unless she met another serial killer she was supposed to stay unarmed… or where you worried about Miyatake turning into a killer considering the parallel the OAV tried to make between him and Seishiro?
Seishiro, who had evidently gone check on his battery and had met Mirei as well, kindly informs us that Mirei and Miyatake left to go play lovebirds, uncaring of how Subaru risked his life and without bothering to check on him personally. I guess this is where it end the Mirei is a nice girl part… unless Seishiro chased her away or murdered her and Miyatake for spending way too much time with Subaru and placing him in danger. After all Mirei got more screen time with Subaru than Hokuto or Seishiro.
I’ll say Seishiro is justified in wanting to get rid of her.
Anyway he rambles about Mirei and Miyatake looking like they were foreordained to meet and Hokuto immediately pipes in that because they’re like Seishiro and Subaru… in case you’ve missed the fact the OAV was trying to draw a parallel between Mirei and Miyatake and Seishiro and Subaru. Because really, it was hard to miss it, wasn’t it? What with the child/teen meeting in a place were there’s a corpse and the promise of meeting again and Mirei and Subaru both wearing gloves and so on? -_-
Subaru doesn’t seem persuaded (evidently he hadn’t watched the OAV carefully or had had so few scenes with Seishiro he couldn’t see parallels) but Seishiro tries to tempt him with the prospective of food (Sei-chan and food… -_- oh well, at least this is in character). He’s asking to the wrong twin because it’s Hokuto the one that’s thrilled. I don’t get Subaru’s face but maybe the subs weren’t faithful? Oh well…
Subaru’s hesitant in following them and, before going, feel he has to bow to Kono (who did nothing useful for the whole OAV) who smiles at him. Okay, the next scene with Hokuto and Seishiro calling him and Subaru running to them is delicious… and so very sad if you think at what happened later…

And this is how the story end. -_-
Okay there's the ending them but it's just credits rolling. Way to go with the second OAV, don't you think? Evidently they wanted to insure there wasn't a third... also I don't get why they had to do another crime story... TB isn't about crime stories! It's like the author watched the first OAV before planning the plot instead than reading he manga! -_-
rose_erato: seishiroxsubarurose_erato on December 31st, 2010 09:29 am (UTC)
Re: Part 10
It's frustrating to see other characters that were just introduced getting more screen time than the characters that we know and love. I think that the Mirei/Miyatake parallel SeiSub could've worked very well if the plot involved SeiSub more.

I'll keep hoping that TB will get another shot with an ova (or better yet, an actual series) and give it a plot worthy of the manga.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 31st, 2010 11:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Part 10
Oh yes, the OAV could have worked... if it had been more about TB and less about Mirei/Miyatake/Pepé + 3 policemen and a stepmother. The TB gang had its screen time reduced so much that... *groan* it's really depressing!

I would love it to get another series (I guess that's in this spirit I make my ALT... it's a subtle nudge to CLAMP... if they'll ever happen to see them) but I don't know if there's hope about it, especially if the new rumored Japanese law is what fans say it is.
I'm worring it'll stop X from being continued as well.
rose_erato: seishiroxsubarurose_erato on January 2nd, 2011 04:32 am (UTC)
Re: Part 10
Let's hope not. TB needs a more worthy anime made from it and X needs to be continued.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on January 5th, 2011 09:44 pm (UTC)
Re: Part 10
I'm keeping all my fingers crossed but things look rather dark at the moment... -_-
rose_erato: seishiroxsubarurose_erato on January 6th, 2011 06:00 am (UTC)
Re: Part 10
I'm keeping my fingers crossed too, but it's true that things aren't looking great right now.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on January 9th, 2011 04:04 am (UTC)
Re: Part 10
Exactly... -_-
rose_erato: seishiroxsubarurose_erato on December 31st, 2010 09:06 am (UTC)
What I found fascinating about this ova is the similarties between Subaru and Seishirou and Mirei and Miyatake. Mirei and Miyatake have a past together as do SubSei, only the latter have a far more dangerous and intense past. This is about as much as I enjoyed about the new characters. I said it before and I'll say it again, I really would've loved to have seen the ovas focus more on the trio, especially Subaru and Seishirou, rather than on new characters that fans aren't really going to care about. I think the best part is in the beginning when we see Teenage Seishirou and little Subaru. That scene was beautifully done and it makes me cry that we couldn't have had more of that in the anime. I also have to say that I liked it when Seishirou came to Subaru's rescue. That scene proved how much more menencing Seishirou is than the killer. He was so cool and collected and because Subaru is his prey, he won't let anyone else touch him.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 31st, 2010 11:41 pm (UTC)
I would have liked the parallel... if it hadn't taken away so much screentime from Sei&Su and maybe hadn't it been presented AFTER we found out the guys wouldn't have a happy ending. As you said I would have also preferred more screen time for the trio. Also less pointless scenery scenes. Whoever did this OAV isn't great at scenery (no, it's not bad, but I'm not going to stare at his scenery so they could as well not have been added) and many of them felt like a waste of time.
Really, I've the feeling if I were toshow this OAV only to someone he wouldn't guess that our beloved trio is the main cast.
I LOVE THE OPENING SCENE! they could have given us at least a little more of that, for example from when Subaru wakes up in Seishiro's arms. It would have tied nicely with the ending in which Subaru wakes up again in Seishiro's arms.
LOL in this OAV Seishiro is very Sakurazukamori like, maybe even more than in the fist.
LOL Seishiro and his weird sense of jealousy!
rose_erato: seishiroxsubarurose_erato on January 2nd, 2011 04:29 am (UTC)
It would've been wonderful if they had the opening scene a little longer. You're right that it would've tied in nicely when Subaru woke up in Seishirou's arms.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on January 5th, 2011 11:20 pm (UTC)
I so wish they had done it... I mean, readers had already read the whole scene... it wouldn't hurt to show a bit more on the OAV, would it? And it would have been much better than all those bits with the new chara... -_-
CherriRinicherririni_chan on January 4th, 2011 03:56 am (UTC)

Well, this OVA is my favourite. The plot totally sucks, but I still love it for two very important reasons: the start and the end.

Firstly: ANIMATED TREE-SAN SCENE. I mean, seriously. that is the best thing about theses OVAs. so much so. That scene is so beautiful and so horrible at the same time. I can't bring myself to look away from it. Teenaged Seishirou is just as creepy as older Seishirou, but he kind of gives off a different aura. Kinda.

So, aparently the main point of this OVA is about another couple that has an age difference and met a long time ago. Except this one is...happy? >.>
I also got a bit sick of them going on and on about Mirei seeing into the past. I just kind of sit there thinking. "Who is this lady and why should I care?" (ouch, I'm not normally this heartless.)

We needed to see more of Seishirou and Hokuto.

I love the umbrella scene, though. It was cute to finally see Hokuto playing up her role as resident Seishirou/Subaru fangirl animated. And the Seishirou/Subaru part as well, of course. also, Hokuto's catgirl outfit is adorable o3o.

Hokuto is a little bit too trusting of strangers isn't she? If I found someone picking up pieces of a building in the middle of the night I'd purposely avoid talking to them. Oh, and Seishirou's "human bone" thing is just a little creepy.

Now, heres where the decent part of the OVA starts. Seishirou telling Hokuto Subaru will be just fine with a murderer after him. I laugh at that every time, and I'm not sure why. I also find it funny how he was just kind of 'the rain will stop soon' and then he throws himself over the wall. Everything goes crazy after that and we get people falling from the sky XD
And strange chase scenes.

I LOL everytime that I see Seishirou deal with that killer. It's like it's totally a big deal until Seishirou shows up and murders him on the spot out of ...possessive jealousy? Seishirou was incredibly epic and in totally full Sakurazukamori mode. He was scary as hell.

Annnnd well all love Subaru waking up in his arms. It's cute, and it's nice to see them together. The fans who had already finished the manga must have been at least a bit pleased to see them like this again. I kind of wonder why Subaru doesn't even think to ask how the guy died though.

Seishirou: the only person who can make dissolving into cherry blossoms genuinely horrifying.

J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on January 5th, 2011 10:02 pm (UTC)
I also love that scene. It's so beautifully done! ChibiSubaru is love and teenSeishiro is very charming in his own scary way!

Same reaction as me. Mirei and Co are given too much space. Which is fine and dandy if this was an OAV about something else but, since it's supposed to be a TB OAV I would like it to be about TB characters! (also the random intro about Babylon is completely pointless...)

The only good point is that, at least, the few SeiSu scenes were a bit more SeiSu oriented...

Yes, Hokuto is too trusting. She really should be wary. I guess the scene is purposely creepy but, since Seishiro's a vet (as well as the Sakurazukamori), it's reasonable he would recognize that a bone is not an animal one and therefore technically not suspicious (of course we know better).

The whole chase after the killer was madness. Pepé should have died long before Seishiro were able to reach him. Also he shuldn't have managed to get so far. The police was worthless and any character acted so insanely that... -_-

Yes, Seishiro is always well drawn in his Sakurazukamori mode. But, in face of such a poor plot it feels likejust fanservice.
Logically seaking Pepé should have died of bloodloss or drowned due to weakness and inability to swim well with just one arm. They kept him alive so long merely so he could try to kill Sbaru and Seishiro could get all scary and possessive over him.

Yes, it was nice to see Subaru waking up in Seishiro's arms. Too bad the scene is broken by Subaru noticing Pepé lying on the ground.
Actually I wonder if Pepé died or if he was turned insane like the girls in Call were. The OAV doesn't bother to tell us this.

LOL So true!