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02 February 2014 @ 07:19 pm
Fanfic: A magic spell called ‘hope’ - Part 2  
Title: "A magic spell called ‘hope’ – Part 2"
Author: J.J.
Warning: It's an AU. It's unbetaed, it might look spoilerish and anyway it’s better if you’ve knowledge of the 8 episodes, it contain some Japanese words, some OOC...
Notes: Either consider this a happy fragment or a happy dream Sayo had. It works both ways. And yes it’s written in present form because… I wanted to give it a feeling of… unrealism, I guess. What’s in the past surely happened to us but what’s happening right now… we’re in process of grasping it but we haven’t quite grasped it yet.
"Umineko no naku koro ni" belong to Ryukishi07. I'm merely using his characters because I love them... especially Battler and Sayo...
Do I own something here? Oh yes, I own the plot and a sensible heart which would surely break if you give me harsh reviews... so please be honest but nice ok?
Summary: 1984. An ordinary day in the life of Sayo and Battler after she had left Rokkenjima.

Part 1 here

They walk some more in companionable silence, or better he walks and she let him carry her and she thinks she could almost fall asleep here after all they’re still far enough but he’s panting she notices and maybe... maybe...

“Am I... too heavy?” she ventures.

“I’m not... putting you down... No matter what,” he warns her. “Enjoy... the ride. This is... nothing.”

“You sure?”

“Absolutely,” he states and she knows he won’t change his mind no matter what. He’s that stubborn.

“I love you,” she whispers then and he freezes for a moment, pausing in his track and she tenses and...

“Me too,” he says curtly before resuming to walk and he’s so very red and... and she clings to him and says nothing more and wishes time will stop because nothing will ever be as perfect as that moment for her.

When they finally get home he’s worn out but he’d managed to carry her all the way and he’s wearing a stupid grin due to this. She thinks someone should tell him he’s an idiot... but she feels like it’ll be better if she’ll tell him another time. His grandparents are... worried somehow, although they hadn’t been against that meeting she has the feeling they’ll much prefer if he weren’t to have contact with the Ushiromiya, especially with ‘that woman’, ‘that woman’s baby’ and THAT man’. Rudolf-sama is evidently at the bottom of their list.

They’re nice to her though, they always were. She’d though having parents was like being around Kumasawa-san or Genji-san but she had discovered how much she was wrong when she met his grandparents. They had been nervous around her at first but... but it had taken so little for them to act with her as they would with a daughter they had lost...

They had insisted for her to stay in their house, for her to go to school, for her not to worry about searching for a job as she could do it later, once she had finished studying... they had given her a room, pretty clothes, had even inscribed her in his same school.

A side of her understood for them her presence was some sort of present they wanted to make to him, as they wanted to spoil him way more than they did with her but... but they still were so kind with her and happy when she was around... even if it was just because she replaced the daughter they had lost it was... so nice...

His grandfather would carry present for them both and his grandmother... she would take care of her, help her with clothes and make up, teach her gently what a lady should know, wave of her mistakes as the birth of inexperience, praise her when she did right, hold her hand gently when she would feel lost and... say she was happy to have her there. No one had ever been happy to have her around yet here, in this house, she was welcomed, accepted. Would they still do it if they were to know all the truth about her? She didn’t know, she wasn’t sure, she didn’t want to know.

“Battler-chan didn’t say something that upset you, did he, Sayo-chan?” the old woman asks her when they’re alone for a moment and she hurries to shake her head.

“No... hum... no... he was... nice. Really,” she assures.

“Your eyes are red,” the woman observes, “And I know although Battler-chan cares for you he can be... dense on certain things,” she admits and shakes her head. “I guess it comes from being male,” she comments. “And from never thinking before saying what’s in his mind. I’ll scold him if he made you cry,” she promises. “He should know better than to hurt a woman,” she states and her voice is a little odd here and she’s not looking her and she wonders if her mind has gone back, to her daughter and how Rudolf-sama might have possibly made her cry.

“Really, it’s fine, Battler-kun had done nothing to deserve a scolding,” she says even if a side of her would like him to have a scolding. “I think he was offended when he thought I was comparing him to George-sama and even insisted on witch tales even if I know they annoy him and... and I’m not really good at talking with him...” she admits and lowers her head. She’s confused when the older woman chuckles lightly.

“Were you? Comparing him to another boy, I mean,” she clarifies.

“I... I didn’t mean to... It’s just... I thought Battler-kun would have been happy I told him he’s good with children because... well... George-sama always talked about building a home and having babies and... and he...” the old woman laughs more and she pauses in her explanation feeling even more confuse.

“He’s at an age in which he can be pretty silly, you’ll better keep it in mind,” the woman explains her. “Is this ‘George-sama’ by any chance the accomplished cousin he thought so greatly of when he was a child?”

“Well... they’re cousins, yes...” she confirms. “But I thought Battler-kun liked him and...”

“Oh he liked him all right. What he probably didn’t like was you liking him,” she was told and she blinked.

“Uh? Why?” she asks.

“My dear girl, it’s so simple! Would you like it if he were to compliment another girl?”

“I... no... but that’s different... I mean... girls are always after him and... and he’s so popular while I... I’m just... just me...” she admits.

“You’re ‘popular’ with him, dear, so for him it’s exactly the same. Never forget it, Sayo-chan. When someone loves you, that person won’t understand how someone else could not love you,” the woman told her with a sad sigh. She again wondered if she was thinking of her deceased daughter as she said so and how she still couldn’t understand why Rudolf-sama had cheated on her. “Oh, here, I found it. Please, take this to Battler-chan. It’ll help soothe his muscles. I’m sure he’ll be happier to receive it from you than from me.”

“I... I’m still sorry I made him...” she begins as she takes the tube of cream in her hands.

“Oh, I’m sure he’s happy he had the chance to show off in front of you,” she interrupts her. “Boys, my dear, are odd creatures like this. They need to do stupid things here and there in hope to impress us and we must be tolerant and accept it as a token of their affection... even if we would feel more prone to smack their head for how silly they acted. You’ve no idea of how many stupid things my husband did to impress me.”

She tried hard picturing his grandfather, so serious and respectable, doing something foolish and... failed.

“He was young, dear. He eventually grew up. But it took so much time,” she added with a chuckle. “Now go, go. Don’t make Battler-chan wait too long,” the woman told her gently pushing her away.

“I won’t,” she assured as she moved toward his room.

She finds him busy in his usual two favourite activities, listening foreign music and reading a mystery book. He always let her in when she knocks to his door and she makes a point to try and do the same... although it’s always awkward for them both at first.

“Your grandmother... she figured this could be of some use for you now...” she said offering him the tube which he takes with a thanks. “She always worries for you... she must love you very much,” she observes.

“She does, doesn’t she?” he agrees with a fond smile. “I only wish she were to stop calling me ‘Battler-chan’,” he adds making a face. “At my age it’s pretty embarrassing.”

She giggles at that.

“I can’t believe you never complain with her about it,” she admits.

“I used to. Then my mother died and... and they took me in and... it became harder. They were suffering enough and I didn’t want to give them more troubles than what I was already giving. So I put up with it. I still do,” he admitted with a sigh as he let himself fall sit on his bed, then winced a little.

“Does it still hurt?” she asks, concerned.

“Not that much, don’t worry. Let’s say today I worked out a little more than usual,” he suggests as if it’s really no big deal.

“You say it as if it were some magic spell that would really…” she trails off, abruptly remembering herself she wasn’t supposed to speak about magic with him. “Sorry… I… I didn’t mean…”

He scratches his head, looking uncomfortable.

“You know… there’s a misunderstanding here, I think…” he begins. “It’s not like I absolutely don’t want to hear the word ‘magic’ or something. It’s just I don’t believe in it and I won’t especially believe in it or accept it as excuse in… certain circumstances. Whatever else’s fine. We can talk about it if you really like talking about it.”

“It’ll be a bother for you though… you… you’ll never believe… you’ll never see the Golden Land…”

“The Golden Land? What’s it?” he asks. He doesn’t sound really interested, he’s just… trying, she assumes. For her. And she’d like to make him understand. How beautiful is the Golden Land. How important is magic. The joy it can give.

“A place where everyone’s happy. Where you can have what you want and be who you want and stay with who you want and… everything. Everyone’s nice and takes care of you and… and there are golden roses and… and everything is possible and… and it’s a really happy place… nothing like…” She clenches her first and trail off. She’s startled when he takes her hands. She hadn’t heard him coming closer.

“Is this place so bad to you?” he asks her with worried eyes and she shakes her head although she doesn’t dare to look up at him.

“No, no, everyone’s nice here with me and…”

“And?” he prods.

“It’s nice, really…” she insists, feeling uncomfortable.

“Not perfect though, is it?” he realizes, smiling gently at her.

“I… I don’t mean to be ungrateful or anything… I...”

“You aren’t. It’s the truth. No place on Earth is perfect. This doesn’t mean there can’t be good places to stay… or that the place you’re in can’t be improved further. We can try to improve it, if you want… so it’ll get closer to your Golden Land. A little Golden Land on Earth all for you,” he offers and that’s more she’s ever been given but… she’s afraid it might be not even close to enough.

“You… you can’t change certain things. You can’t make everything perfect,” she observes.

“I can try though. Tell me what you want me to change and I’ll try,” he states with confidence. “Maybe I won’t manage at the first try but I’ll make my best.”

He’s trying, he’s really trying and she should be grateful but… but he can’t change her, not where it matters, so it’s efforts are really pointless.

“Thank you…” she says anyway because there’s not much else she can say. He sighs; evidently figuring out his effort is appreciated but not taken seriously.

“Okay. Okay, I’ll wait,” he decides.

“You’ll… wait?” she echoes, confused.

“For you to be ready,” he explains.

“The last time you said you’ll wait I didn’t see you for four years,” she counters bitterly.

“Well, but now I’m not going anywhere, am I? I’m right here and I’ll stay here,” he assures holding her hands tightly. She doesn’t reply as she’s evidently not persuaded. He frowns but apparently has nothing better to offer her. Right now he can’t demonstrate he’ll stay so it’s all up to if she decides to believe him or not. “Why don’t you try to rest a little, Sayo-chan? Maybe you see all dark just because you’re tired,” he offers. “Have a nice sleep and everything will look better!”

She looks at him, wonders if he wants to get rid of her but doesn’t dare to voice that thought. Maybe she should leave, maybe she’s just annoying him.

“O… okay,” she agreed.

“Oh, and think at where you want to go! Remember? We’re supposed to go someplace quieter,” he reminds her, his roundabout way to tell her they’ve a date. “Though if you want to I’m fine even with a place that’s not quiet at all.”

She makes a small smile at that. It’s nice to hear he still remembers and that he really meant it.

“I’ll think at it. You should also. It’s not fair if I’ve to decide everything,” she says although she’d like if she could decide everything.

“Then tomorrow let’s think at it together. So that it’s fair for the both of us,” he suggests and she nods. He moves to stand, wincing a little as his sore muscles protest at the motion. She frowns.

“Will you be all right?” she asks.

“Well, I’ll put on this stuff Obaasan sent and have a good sleep and… everything will be all right,” he assures. “Don’t worry, I’ll surely live!”

She hesitates, takes a good breath then…

“I could… I could do it for you, if you want,” she offers.

“Eh? What? No, really, it’s not necessary, Sayo-chan, don’t worry!” he assures growing embarrassed.

“I know how to do it, you know,” she protests not guessing the reason behind his behaviour.

“Well, yes, but…” he tries to protests. “Really… it’s not necessary…”

“You don’t trust me at all,” she pouts. “I only wanted to help!”

“Well… but… uh… I guess… it’s fine if you really want to but… hum…” he agrees and she has no idea why he’s flushing. “Are you really sure?”

“I wouldn’t ask if I weren’t!” she counters firmly. She remembers things Okusama was used to say about the duty of a wife being to support her husband and… well, if she were to be of some help to him… it wouldn’t be bad, would it?

“Uh… I guess… it’s all right then…” he’s not looking at her when he says so and she’d like to complain when he began to try and remove his shirt.

“Wait! What… what are you doing?” she asks in a mix of embarrassment, excitation and a slight fear. He looks at her as if she’d grown two heads.

“Removing my shirt, of course,” he explains.

“I could see that! Who said you could?” she demands.

“You don’t think you can spread the cream through my shirt, do you?” he asks back, looking at her in a questioning manner. As he see her flush even more he finally catches up and laughs. “You didn’t think at it at all!” he exclaims realizing when she had offered to help she hadn’t thought what it would entrails and she’s almost about to feel hurt by his laugh when he speaks again. “Really, you can be so cute sometimes!” he comments and all of sudden she realizes he’s not making fun of her, he’s just… joking?

“That’s not really fun, Battler-kun,” she protests anyways and he makes an effort to stop laughing.

“Sorry, sorry,” he apologizes raising placating hands. “I’m not laughing anymore…” he says although his smile is full of amusement and he looks like he’s really trying to hold himself back and it’s… annoying somehow and she decides to take it as a challenge.

“I’ll do it anyway. R-remove that s-shirt,” she tries to say firmly and… fails a bit. That’s enough to shake him into stunned silence for a second before he blushes again.

“You… you don’t have to…”

“I… I s-said I’m… d-doing it!” she tries to state with her gaze lowered and her cheeks as red as his. Her voice trembles horribly and she’s really not sounding persuasive at all and this is getting terribly awkward and…

“Hum… it’s not like… I don’t want you to… it’s just… you don’t seem… hum…” he tries to say and she blushes even more.

“It’s j-just… I n-never… but… it’s all right… i-if it’s you… it’s all right…” she works out and he glances at her, unsure.

“So… hum… so, I…” he begins and she takes a good breath before speaking up.

“Do it,” she instructs him and he obeys, the two of them looking everywhere but not at each other.

“Hum… done…” he informs her and she knew she should look because sooner or later, likely sooner, she won’t manage to avoid it any longer and really, he can’t possibly have changed that much from when he was a kid and ran shirtless on the beach of Rokkenjima and… and…

He has, she’s forced to realize as she tries to peck at him and finds herself staring. That’s not anymore the body of a child and she should have known really, because even with clothes she could see it, she’s the one whose body didn’t grow properly or maybe it sort of did but it’s all so wrong and she… she…

“You all right?” he asks and there’s concern in his voice as he could catch how her thoughts had turned or maybe she just has it written all over her face and…

“You’ve to lie down on the bed,” she says in a rush, breaking eye contact. “Otherwise I can’t…”

He hesitates a moment, as if about to ask again if she’s all right then… decides against him and just obeys her. He can’t really guess what’s in her mind and, although this is good, it’s also sad. He won’t be able to understand her if he doesn’t… but would still he be able to accept her if he were to manage to do it? But that’s not the moment to think about it. Nervously she moves to sit next to him on the bed. He’s not looking at her, which helps. They had… already sat together on his bed, talking about books, talking about music, talking about what sort of haunted her… well not quite talking about it but… close… so it had slowly stopped being that embarrassing but all those times he had a shirt on and now… it felt like they’ve gone back to square one.

It doesn’t help that in the background Beatrice-sama is having way too much fun and commenting on the whole thing in an incredibly inappropriate manner, saying things she wouldn’t dare to think.

She’ll try to focus on the task at hands, to cut Beatrice-sama’s voice out and pour the cream on her fingers then realizes the next part is even more embarrassing than this and… still for a moment which is enough for Beatrice-sama to laugh at her with her very unrefined laugh. It’s stupid, she tells herself, annoyed at being the source of Beatrice-sama’s amusement, annoyed at the fact they’re being worse than a pair of shy children while under the gaze of Beatrice-sama and so… and so then she tries doing it. As soon as she brushes at his skin they both tense and she pulls back.

“Did I… hurt you?” she can’t help but ask, the fear of failure hitting her violently.

“No… I… I was just startled. That stuff is cold. It’s okay. Don’t worry. Hum… continue?” he asks and she tries again without much confidence, slowly, just a brushing motion.

He says nothing but she knows this can’t be the right way to do it. She tries to do better while still keeping gentle, telling herself to focus on her work and not on… other things.

She can’t quite stop thinking to… other things but… at least she seems to be doing better… though he’s keeping way too quiet and not his usual noisy self.

“Is this… all right?” she questions, unsure.

“Uh, yes… definitely,” he replies sounding a bit too much satisfied and she feels her cheek burn even more.

“You… you’re thinking at something dirty, aren’t you?” she realizes.

“A little,” he confesses and she slaps his back and although it’s a light slap it makes him wince.

“That’s… naughty… Battler-kun,” she chides or tries to.

“That hurts, Sayo-chan!” he protests as he turns a little to look at her. “Besides aren’t you thinking at something dirty also? At all?” She opens her mouth to deny it, to lie at any cost but no sound comes out of her. In this situation… she doesn’t even need Beatrice-sama to suggest her naughty thoughts they just come spontaneously to her mind. “It’s okay if you say so. Besides I don’t think you could get any more red,” he observes chuckling lightly.

“You’re…. you’re half naked!” she defends herself, feeling upside down all of sudden. She never had such thoughts those had always belonged to Beatrice-sama and now… now he’s about to make fun of her and… and she’s not thinking she’s thinking straight and…

“Then we’re even I guess,” he comments sounding satisfied as he turns from her again and somehow… it calms her down a little. “That’s normal, I guess,” he adds and… he sort of makes everything okay again. “Sayo-chan? Go on?” he asks like… well, like a spoiled child would and she smiles despite himself.

“You’re terrible, Battler-kun,” she comments but continues.

“Maybe a little,” he agreed. “Aren’t you going to tell me your dirty thoughts?”

“Absolutely not!” she states energetically, her cheeks still red.

“Wanna hear mine?” he teases.

“Battler-kun! I’ll stop!” she threatens but he laughs and somehow she ends up smiling as well. He’s weird like that sometimes, making better things when they’re about to go awry just by… joking over them. It’s relaxing. “Besides what you’ll do the day I’ll tell you I want to hear them?” she decides to tease back and she’d like to be proud of herself as she hear Beatrice-sama commenting she made a really bold move but she’s flushing so hard she thinks she’s streaming and she really hopes he won’t turn to look at her now. There’s a moment of silence and she wonders if for this once she got the upper hand then…

“… I don’t know. I really don’t know,” he admits and she swallows as she realizes the implications of this. What would they do when they would get at that point? Would he want to turn those thoughts into reality? Would she be able to let him? Would she manage to…

‘… to learn what’s a woman pleasure? To feed his lust and give him pleasure back?’ Beatrice whispers in her ear before laughing cruelly though there seems to be some bitterness in her laugh. ‘You’re just furniture. Even worse than damaged good. You’re unfit for all this. It’ll always stay away from your grasp and…’

“Sayo-chan?” Battler-kun calls her and she realizes she has stilled again and she’s shaking slightly and… and… “Sayo-chan, don’t worry. Whatever will happen, I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do,” he swears and she doesn’t know if she wants to laugh or cry at that.

“Stop making promises you can’t keep, moron! You don’t even know what I want you to do!” she manages to say turning her gaze away from him, her voice trembling as she tries not to go into hysterics. He turns, sits up, and she thinks this time she must have managed to make him angry and her body only trembles more. Why do they keep on arguing? Why can’t they have that smooth and sweet relation people in love are supposed to have? Is it his fault? Or is it… hers?

She’s startled when she feels his hand on her head, stroking her hair gently.

“That’s why, Sayo-chan, you’ll have to tell me in details. All you want and all you doesn’t want. No riddles or stuffs I must guess or magic talk. Just you being straightforward about what you want for once,” he tells her softly and she tries and looks up at him. “After all, if I’ll tell you my dirty thoughts it’ll only be fair you’ll tell me yours,” he concludes grinning and she feels like calling him all the names of this world because he’s making things way too simple and it won’t work, it can’t work and yet… yet… yet she’s hugging him, as tightly as she could, face buried against his chest as he rub her back and stroke her hair soothingly and somehow she manages to let herself… hope.

She closes her eyes, feels his presence next to her, his scent, his skin pressed against her cheek. He’s warm and solid and… all so real. He can’t be a dream, he can’t be a fantasy, this has to be real…

“Things will go well, Sayo-chan, things will go really well…” he assures, promises, and again he’s speaking without thinking, he’s speaking without knowing a single thing but at the same time she knows he’s trying… trying to make her happy, trying to make her feel safe… There’s no malice in his words, no ill intent. He’s trying to be there for her, he’s trying to give her hope.

She sobs in his arms and think that hope hurts, that with hope comes fear and uncertainty and a shattering grief when hope will die and she’s scared, she’s so scared and she’s not sure she’s up for all this and… “We’ll make them go well, Sayo-chan. One step at time. Maybe it won’t be so easy at first but we’ll make it. Maybe it won’t work smoothly at the first try but if it’s an endurance match no one will stop me,” he assures and she peeks up at him, unconvinced.

“It’ll only be torture. Climbing on a cliff only to fall back down. We’ll need a miracle to escape and…” she begins and he interrupts her.

“No, not a miracle. Just determination. If we never surrender, if we give our all, we can’t possibly lose. We’re the one who decide if we can make it through it or not. As long as we don’t yield even failing here and there will help us to get up and be even stronger against problems. So the trick… is just not to surrender. Pretty simple, isn’t it?” he states with a grin and it’ll be nice if he were to be right only…

“I’m not sure if I have this kind of strength, Battler-kun. To stand up over and over after a fall…” she admits. “I’m not sure…”

“Really, Sayo-chan, if you only worry about the fall, it’ll be pretty hard for you to make the first step. Let’s think at it like this. When you’ll tired I’ll carry you on my shoulders. And when I’ll be tired you’ll take care of me as well. And combining our respective strengths we’ll manage to hold on and defeat our weakness. Okay?” he offers and she… considers it.

“Well… I guess even love is like magic. If you don’t believe it won’t work…” she says in the end, lowering her gaze. It’s a bitter comparison but he can’t realize it.

“Uh… I guess? I think you’ll have to explain me more about this magic thing though for me to understand…” he admits and she looks up at him again.

“You… would you like to learn about magic?” she asks with a longing that seems to surprise him. That’s important for her though; important to share the world she had built with him. Marriage sorciere… if only he would join it… she wouldn’t need anyone else.

He smooths his surprised expression in a gentle smile.

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt if I were to know a little about it since it’s important for you, would it?” he offers and she understands he’s not really interested but… he’s trying. For her. He’s making a step toward her. So maybe… she should try and make one toward him as well?

“I… I’ll make it interesting, I promise. And I’ll really try joining your club and… and if I mess up… if I mess up…” she hesitates and he continues for her.

“I’ll be there to catch you and, in return, you’ll be there to catch me. We’ll make it, Sayo-chan. Believe in this. We’ll make it,” he assures and she… she closes her eyes and leans against him and… tries to do it. Tries to believe. To hope. And it’s like a warm blanket had been slowly set on her and it’s making her sleepy and a side of her doesn’t want to fall asleep because next morning she could wake up in the Ushiromiya mansion, all this being simply a dream her mind conjured but… he’s there, next to her, lulling her, promising her everything will go all right as if it was a warm, soothing spell and she… let herself be spellbound by his voice, by his promises, by his reassurances, her consciousness drowning into a deep sleep.

JJ's Extra Notes:
This is sort of part of my happy fragment universe. *sighs* It should have been really a small fic and instead…
To make short a long story the premise to this situation is that Battler phoned to Jessica, Sayo happened to pick it up, they ended talking and deciding to meet up and once they did… Battler, sort of realized she was beyond upset and desperate and kept his promise to take her away. She was supposed to stay with him and his grandparents as a guest for a short time but then his grandparents began on doting on her like the daughter they had lost and she… remained there.
This is chronologically placed in the time in which she’s still trying to adjust to the new life but she had made some progresses although she’s still busy sorting… her new self and dealing with all her issues.
To put it in her words she feels like on a roller coaster. One moment she thinks she’s comfortable and adjusted with that life and fitting and can joke with Battler and demands things from him and the other everything falls on her with crushing strength, from Beatrice who swings from being a friendly taunting fragment of her imagination to a cruel remind of her condition and her past, to her Shannon persona, who forces on her when she’s around Kyrie and Ange, to her insecurities and lack of hope and fear it’s all a dream or a fantasy.
As for Battler, his previous life wasn’t a heaven but he has learnt to mostly cope with it and got over with most of his issues and would like them to be happy now that they’re together. He still messes up, sometimes rather horribly, often innocently, but he’s always trying to fix things. He hasn’t solved Sayo’s mystery yet so he can’t even figure out what’s haunting her but at least he’s trying.
I guess that I’ve a lot more to say about this universe but I don’t know if I’ll manage to put it down in writing. Not that I expect someone will care but I would have liked to write about Battler’s first lesson at magic and of Sayo visiting Battler’s club.

-chan: Name ending used to express affection and familiarity or to talk with a child
-kun: Young
-sama: "Lord" or "Lady"
-san: "Mr." or "Mrs."
Aniki: "Brother" or "Older Boy"
Obaasan: "Grandmother" or "Old Woman"
Okusama: "Wife" or "Married lady" or "Madam"
Oneesan: "Sister" or "Older Girl"
Oniichan: "Brother" or "Older Boy"
Ojiisama: "Grandfather" or "Old Man"
Ojiisan: "Grandfather" or "Old Man"
Oujosama: "Princess" or " Young Lady"

Don't grumble silently, please let me know what you're thinking of this!
Send me your comments!