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14 February 2015 @ 05:32 pm
Tokyo Babylon 1999 live action movie script  

Okay, thanks to the awesome sumeragimikoto we managed to piece together a script for the Tokyo Babylon 1999 movie. Sadly though the script is missing some tiny bits here and there. So it would be awesome if someone else were to come to our help and help us to fill the missing sentences so as to have a complete script.

Therefore, if you can, please, give this a try.

Intro: Since ancient times in Japan, Onmyouji have existed, presiding over festivals, moving the populace along the path of the gods, providing spiritual guidance, and even overseeing cremations. The Sumeragi and the Sakurazukamori are two of the greatest influences in the world of the Onmyouji.
Sumeragi Subaru is the 13th head of the Sumeragi clan currently residing in Kyoto. Since turning 21, Sumeragi Subaru has been living in Tokyo, dealing with various spiritual incidents.

Megumi: *cries*
Short haired girl: Cheer up. You don’t have to care about what Tanaka said. He’s an idiot.
Long haired girl: If we go to Kaneyama’s place, you’ll feel better. He’ll lend you his strength.

Kaneyama: (No translation yet)
*the girls get inside*
Kaneyama: What happened?
Short haired girl: There’s a horrible teacher. Just because someone can’t study a little, he called her an idiot.
Megumi: I’m stupid, and I’m not someone pretty. (No translation yet) Everyone treats me like an idiot. I shouldn’t have been born! What’s wrong with me?!
Kaneyama: Everyone has their pain. Everyone truly feels something in this world! But you don’t have to worry.
Girl: Why?
Kaneyama: Why do you think all of you are gathered here? Everyone has a pain here. Hoping for a way to save yourselves. But you are not taking advantage of that enough. Listen, you all are special.
Girl: Special?
Girl with tied hair: Are there really spells?
Kaneyama: If I tell you something like this, you all probably won’t believe this. Long time ago, the government chose the place called Tokyo as the capital is because of the onmyouji’s judgement. Tokyo is a strange place.
Kaneyama: With all the big disasters (*he lists the earthquake and the fire and the death rates*) that have happened here, if people want, they could have chosen any other places for a capital. But people still choose Tokyo, because Tokyo is that special."

Ghost: "*laughter* I can see it. I see it, I see it. I can see your sorrow. When you came to be alone, were you sad? Were you lonely? Your powers dropped, didn’t they? Why do you think that is? That is because there is resentment within you. Surely you hate that murderer. Surely you want revenge. *laughter* (No translation yet) I’ll tell you something good. You’ll soon be able to meet with the man you hate. *laughter*"
Haruka: I...
Subaru: Now it’s all right. It is over. The spirit possessing her is gone.
Haruka's mom: Haruka!
Subaru: I'll soon meet with 'him'?

Seishiro: Have you finish the Shichiyo-jutsu (Spell of Seven Stars)?
Kaneyama: Who’re you?
Seishiro: If you want to enter the world of spells, you should have been prepared for this. People who want to create something that goes against the flow needs to be exterminated.
Kaneyama: You must be the onmyouji’s demon
Seishiro: I’m the Sakurazukamori.
Kaneyama: So you are an assassin! *starts chanting a spell*
Seishiro: There is a price* for your spells to work; the worms are called. The worms are eating up your body.

Megumi: Kaneyama-san? I’m sorry for bothering you so late. I couldn’t say anything to my mum, and I couldn’t stay in the house anymore. Kaneyama-san? AH!

Subaru: Kaneyama Tomokichi?
Amano: He disappeared over 12 years ago but was someone who studied techniques under the Sumeragi. We have been following his whereabouts as well, however… actually, early this morning, he was discovered to be dead at his home apartment. The one who had a hand in it is the Sakurazukamori.
Ghost: *laugh*
Amano: He got to him first.
Ghost: You will soon meet him. *laugh*
Amano: The Sakurazukamori’s motive is only to assassinate. He hadn’t done much to the spells. Your grandmother is worried about what Kaneyama was up to. The apartment is left as it was. She would like you to find out Kaneyama’s affairs.
Subaru: I understand.

Subaru: The sealing ofuda…

Long haired girl: We have been chosen.
Short haired girl: We gathered at Kaneyama-san’s place, and that there’s seven of us isn’t a coincidence. The fact that Megumi found this book too.
Megumi: The book told me. ‘Take me out of here,’ it said. It was written here that the chosen seven _________. They are able to use strange powers unseen by the masses. Without being noticed, they can find ways to save the world’s daily lives. Despite being in despair, they are able to destroy the enemies, it said.
Long haired girl: To destroy the enemies?
Girl: That’s right. There’s a lot of bad people in the world, right?
Short haired girl: We are special.
Long haired girl: But can we really use spells?
Girl with the blue shirt: We can just try it.
Girl: Try it?
Girl with the blue shirt: That’s right.
Girl with her hair tied: On who?
Short haired girl: Someone whom we know is definitely a bad person.
Girl: Who?
Short haired girl: Tanaka.

Girl: A senior was expelled from school. A week before graduation. Even though his job was stabilized.
Girl: Why?
Girl: The news that he had a part-time job got out. But he only worked because his mother was hospitalized.</br>
Girl: That’s cruel.
Girl: I heard it. (No translation yet) He kind of thought he could solve that later. But when the senior tried to explain, no one believed him. And then he was expelled. The job was also withdrawn from him.
Girl: He couldn’t go to a first-rate university. He thinks that he’s not a human. And he himself is only a teacher, what kind of stupid reason is that to expel someone?
Girl: He keeps a memo of the first-rate universities.
Girl: He’s guilty.
Girl: Guilty.
Girl: Guilty.
Girl: Guilty.

Amano: It was his mother who found the corpse. The cause of death is…. (instant)
Subaru: (Instant death?) *long pause* The (No translation yet)’s eggs are gathered at his throat. It’s the spell of Seven Stars.
Amano: The Spell of Seven Stars?
Subaru: Seven people get together to cast the curse as one. It’s a spell of the onmyou.
Amano: Seven people…. Could it be the ones who went out of Kaneyama’s place?
Subaru: Yes, probably.

Girl: Success.
Girl with short hair: We have a duty now. We are different from the others. We don’t just live for the sake of ourselves. What’s wrong, Megumi?
Megumi: I didn’t think he was gonna die.
Girl with long hair: If the people we curse do bad things, the curse gets stronger. He was killed because he did a lot of bad things. He only got what he deserved.
Girl with scar: Listen. Since we’re all in this together*, I’ll tell you guys the truth. I have people I really want to kill no matter what. I’ve been stalked. By three guys from the boys’ school nearby.
Girl with short hair: We have to carry out his punishment.

Girls: Guilty

Amano: As we thought, is it that technique?
Subaru: Yes.
Amano: (No translation yet) The previous victim and this victim both did such things where it’s only natural if they are hated. I was thinking, what if there are people who accepted assassination requests?
Subaru: It was bothering me when I saw the corpse, the spell is stronger than what is needed.
Amano: The spell is too strong?
Subaru: When you cast spells, there is backlash. It’s called Sakanagi. In order to (No translation yet), they have to pay the price. If (No translation yet), they definitely wouldn’t use spells that are stronger than what was needed. The Sakanagi is scary after all.
Amano: So, in other words, the culprit doesn’t know about this Sakanagi?
Subaru: That’s the only conclusion I can come up with.
Amano: An amateur?
Subaru: Yes.
Policeman: Amano-san!
Amano: I’ll go get some information from the police. See you. I’ll contact you again.
Subaru: I understand.

Subaru: Some of the youki still remains.

Subaru: I have a question to ask you.
Girl with long hair: What? Who’re you?
Subaru: What relationship do you have with the victim?
Girl with long hair: Eh?
Girl with short hair: What’s wrong with you?!
Subaru: Sorry, are you all right?

Girl: (No translation yet)
Girl: This is bad.
Girl: (No translation yet)
Girl: It’s an enemy!
Girl: An enemy?
Girl with short hair: We have to be careful.

Subaru: There’s someone there, isn’t there? *long pause* Why did you do that?
Haruka: What do you mean by ‘do that’?
Subaru: No. I mistook you for someone else.
Haruka: I wanted to meet you no matter what.
Subaru: Were you waiting there for all these time?
Haruka: Here. I wanted to give this to you personally.
Subaru: Thank you.
Haruka: I’m sorry. (No translation yet)

Seishiro: You’re cold. (No translation yet)
Subaru: I don’t want to have that kind of conversation with you. Do you even understand human emotion?
Seishiro: Then I shall just say what I came to tell you. The job wasn’t done perfectly.
Subaru: You killed Kaneyama Tomokichi, didn’t you?
Seishiro: In order to complete the spell, he assembled seven high school girls. The spell book is probably with them.
Subaru: You know about the seven girls?
Seishiro: Not exactly. That night, I made the judgement that taking care of Kaneyama would be enough, and let those girls go.
Subaru: Let them go?
Seishiro: Yes. But at this rate, I wouldn’t be able to do that anymore.
Subaru: What do you mean?
Seishiro: You know it right? The Sakurazuka’s job is to assassinate.
Subaru: It can’t be that you’re going to… Those girls…
Seishiro: If Subaru-kun hasn’t gotten involved in this case, I would have already made a move. But this time, I’ve decided to watch the situation for a bit longer.
Subaru: I won’t allow this kind of thing.
Seishiro: Yes, I decided to respect Subaru’s kindness*. The seven girls who had scars in their hearts — problems in family or school, those with problems with their friends. They already think that their existence is worthless. To such girls, ‘You are special. You’re actually born to be one of the chosen warriors to save the world’, if you tell them to this, what do you think will happen? An unbelievable power will be born. So (No translation yet) (‘if that happens’?), are you planning on taking care of this?
Subaru: Those girls aren’t spell users. Please don’t lay a hand on them.
Seishiro: I meant to do that. For a while. But Subaru-kun doesn’t seem to be hesitating, I can wait for you to finish your job. (?)
Subaru: Wait, please. We haven’t settled our score yet.
Seishiro: What’s wrong? I’m not hiding. Please rest assured and solve this case.

Girl 1: Hey.
Girl 2: Hm?
Girl 1: What do you think about Megumi?
Girl 2: What do you mean by ‘what’?
Girl 1: The other day, she was a bit weird. I wonder if she’s really at home resting.
Girl 2: What are you doing?
Girl 1: There.
Girl 2: Hm?
Girl 1: That guy…
Girl 2: What do we do?
Girl 1: Let’s go!

Subaru: Are you all right?
Megumi: Let me go! No!
Subaru: Please, wait a moment!
Subaru: You used the spell, didn’t you? Because you used the (No translation yet), you called the worms and the evil spirits. I need to hurry up and end it.

Girl: (No translation yet) are already with me. Yeah. Megumi isn’t picking up or answering her door. She isn’t over there either right? She might be ____ We have to think together and see whether we can do something. (No translation yet)
Girl: It’s him! It’s his doing!

Girl: There must be a spell for us to retaliate. There must be.

Megumi: It’s from everyone.
Subaru: Everyone?
Girl: Hello? Megumi? Where are you now?
Megumi: Akemi? Is everyone there? I want you to listen. I was saved by the guy from yesterday. What we’re doing is extremely dangerous. It’s wrong. All the weird things happening is because we were using spells carelessly.
Girl: What are you saying? Megumi! You’re the one who’s being deceived! Everything was because of what he did!
Megumi: It isn’t true! Believe me! Everyone has to stop what we’re doing!
Girl: Have you forgotten what Kaneyama-san said? We have to use the spells to execute punishment on the bad guys! If we don’t do it, the world will go slowly into its destruction. It’s for that that we are chosen, no?!
Megumi: It isn’t true!
Girl: Megumi, he’s there right? *pause* The one who deceived Megumi is the one who went to kill Kaneyama-san. That must be it! He’s the enemy!
Subaru: The world isn’t going towards destruction. There isn’t a person who is chosen to carry out a punishment.
Girl: It the enemy! Enemy!
Subaru: A Gyaku Shingon! (Inverted mantra)

Subaru: I have to hurry. (No translation yet) The Sakanagi will happen to those girls. Please bring me to where everyone is.

Girl: What happened?
Girl: We have to return the spell… (?)
Girl: (No translation yet)
Girl: (No translation yet)
Girl: Kana! What’s wrong? Kana!

Megumi: Wait! Wait!

Subaru: Please get a hold of yourself.
Girl: You already did it didn’t you?
Subaru: I’m sorry. I have to quickly, or even more horrible things will…
Girl: I won’t be deceived.
Subaru: Using spells to punish someone is not justice! No one has that right.
Girl: Why? That teacher was the bad person. If we left him alone, even worse things will happen. The three of them (No translation yet). It’s not just that they did bad things. If we didn’t kill them, they would go on life, smiling like nothing is wrong. They might go and do even worse things! (?)
Subaru: Even if that’s so, it’s not right to curse them together like that!
Girl: It’s a lie! That’s us. We were given this power.
Subaru: You can’t think of yourself as special! There isn’t a single person in the world who is special!
Girl: Ikue? Ikue! It can’t be! Ikue! Ikue! Ikue…
Girl: You’re the one who did it.
Girl: Unforgivable.
Girl: Unforgivable.
Subaru: You can’t. Please stop!
Girl: Did we do it?
Girl: We did it! (?)
Seishiro: In order to not harm them, you didn’t return the spell. You really haven’t changed one bit from before, have you?
Girl: Who’re you?
Seishiro: Even though you were given an escape path, you chose not to take it.
Girl: Are you his friend?
Seishiro: No.
Girl: Who’re you?
Seishiro: I shall tell you the truth.
Seishiro: If you think whether to judge or not has to do with justice, you are making a very big mistake. There is only power issues. The weaker ones will definitely not judge the stronger ones, neither can you execute your punishment. By using spells, you all got entangled in the world of magic. And your fate is your death.
Subaru: Please stop!
Seishiro: You’re going to protect those girls?
Subaru: Yes. If you do anything to these girls, I won’t forgive you.
Seishiro: They are spell-users. Spell-users have to abide by the rules of spell-users.
Subaru: These girls have a future before them. No one should have the right to destroy them, right?
Seishiro: ‘No matter how many futures they have destroyed’, is it? (?)
Subaru: Seishiro-san, what do you think about killing people? Have you never thought about the people’s sadness? I am an onmyouji and I can’t forget my hatred for you. For my sister alone…!
Seishiro: Do you want to end like your sister?
Ghost: *laughing*
Seishiro: (No translation yet) With your power al drained out, it’s impossible.
Hokuto: Please stop, Subaru! You can’t use your power out of hatred. Didn’t you yourself say that just now? If you do that, you would have to forsake your position as the Sumeragi Head.
Subaru: Nee-san!
Hokuto: The girl’s feelings, and mine are the same, that’s why I was able to come here. There is hesitation in your heart. There is new scars constantly being born. (?) (No translation yet) Embrace your hesitation. I didn’t wish for that.
Subaru: But why? By Seishiro-san’s hands Neesan was…
Hokuto: Subaru. Your power is incomparably much stronger than mine. And that power isn’t meant to punish someone. Think about the meaning of losing the Sumeragi clan— no, the world. I beg you, please don’t fight.
Subaru: This can’t be…
Hokuto: This is… my last wish!
Subaru: Nee-san…
Seishiro: We were almost there, but she got into the way.

Seishiro: It was fun. And we met Hokuto-san too. What to do with those girls, I shall leave it to your hands. Goodbye.

Subaru: It is over.
Amano: This girl?
Subaru: She saved me.
Amano: What do we do with those girls?
Subaru: They only lost their way. (No translation yet) They just need to find the way to back to the right road.
Subaru: That is the same for me too.
Subaru: Let’s go. We have to purify those girls.
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on March 3rd, 2015 08:02 pm (UTC)
*bluuuuuuuuush* Well, that's only because I've the bad habit to overanalyze things and research on them a lot... :P
Thank you for valuing my opinion, it means a lot to me!
Well, we'll never know, CLAMP pulled them out again for TWC so maybe something will come up... maybe...

Tokyo Ghoul is awesome even if, to be honest, I've to say I favour the manga to the anime ^_- but maybe it's because the manga gets more into details...
I'm sure we would!