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03 October 2015 @ 11:23 pm
[MMV] Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Cinderella -Another Story-  
Another video about Umineko since it's damn easy to fit Umineko manga scenes to Vocaloid songs... there's plenty of Vocaloid songs who can be remade in Umineko style... (*sighs* I wish it was the same with TB/X).

In case you don't remember what Umineko is...
Umineko starts as a visual novel, but, for the first 4 arcs exists a also anime (not really great... -_-) and the 8 arc are being transposed into manga version, a manga for each arc. The manga versions are much better than the anime but sadly the manga hadn't been finished yet.

So yes, if you want to get into Umineko read the visual novel. The English patch for all the games has been finished and although the art isn't pretty the music is great.

Anyway, back to the MMV... this time it's vaguely based on the vocaloid video "Cinderella -another story-" with a HUGE amount of spoilers on the last chapters of the manga.

Generally I leave the video up to the viewers' interpretation but, in this case, I think it'll be better to explain things as who hadn't read the manga might find difficult to figure out what's going on. Of course you're free to come up with your interpretation as well.

The story opens with Tohya (at the end of Umineko we discovers that Battler survived but lost his memory and became Hachijo Tohya) who, despite being tormented by his memories (and in a way by the witches), decided to face them (at the end of Umineko we'll learn Tohya will go to the Fukuin house where Ange has rebuilt the Ushiromiya main house hall, complete with Beatrice's portrait).
As he sees the portrait he manages to finally give a face to the memories over which he was obsessing.
In case you're wondering the candy, that is waved like a magic wand, can be seen as one of the halloween candies that were being distributed to the kids at the Fukuin house but in truth it's the memory of the candy that Maria gave him and that he shared with Sayo when they were in the underground tunnel. In a way it also represents Lambda who rewarded his determination to certainly face his memories.
Anyway, Tohya finally manages to connect to his memories of Sayo, put some order into them and accept that in the past he was Battler.

Past 2 instead starts with Beatrice. When Sayo died she woke up in the purgatory with the semblance of Beatrice. In the beginning she remembers who she truly was, Sayo, how she was suffering due to the various happening of her life, what happened on the island and how Battler tried to support her, claiming she wasn't to blame, taking responsibility for what had happened, trying to take her away from Rokkenjima promising he would take care of her from now on and following her when she drowned herself.
Sadly though, Battler is with her in the purgatory but something went wrong. In a way Battler is split in two, his body still alive but suffering amnesia will take the identity of Hachijo Tohya, while Battler's soul, who's with her, is also suffering amnesia and doesn't remember her anymore.
In short, the Battler she loved isn't with her anymore and in the end, she'll give up on seeing him again short before he'll finally manage to remember everything, disappearing.
Battler will become BATTLER and, to be honest, Sayo hadn't completely disappeared as a part of her is still with him in the form of chick Beatrice but, at first, he can't accept her, nor she can remember who she was before, even though she's still hurting inside.
Flashback to the time the two spent together in the meta, to the good moments they had and how Beatrice, despite everything, couldn't give up on him, on the boy who went so far as trying to save her when she drowned herself.

Parallel to how both Tohya and Beatrice suffered through all this and how they're still tied together by the promise that they made as a child that remained unfulfilled.

Reincarnation time. Time goes on and the two manages to meet again. They manage to recognize each other and this time they'll manage to get married.

Happy ending.

"Umineko no Naku Koro ni" by Ryukishi07, 07th Expansion & Square Enix

Scenes from:
"Legend of the Golden Witch" by Natsumi Kei
"Turn of the Golden Witch" by Suzuki Jiro
"Banquet of the Golden Witch" by Natsumi Kei
"Alliance of the Golden Witch" by Soichiro
"End of the Golden Witch" by Aki Taka
"Dawn of the Golden Witch" by Momoyama Hinase
"Requiem of the Golden Witch" by Mizuno Eita
"Twilight of the Golden Witch" by Natsumi Kei
"Tsubasa" by Ito Fumi

Kagamine Len (Ushiromiya Battler/Hachijo Tohya),
Kagamine Rin (Yasuda Sayo/Beatrice)a)

Also many thanks to abydos_star for her precious help!

The song I used is of course 'Cinderella -Another story-' by Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin

Help in improving this would be greatly apprecciated...

'Cinderella -Another story-' by Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin

Mawari no ningen tachi wa boku no koto wo warau no darou
Kamawanai sa wara warete mo tashikamezu ni hairarenai kono mama ja
Sukoshi mae made namae mo kao mo shiranakatta kimi no koto ga
Naze konna ni ki ni naru no ka shinpai de tamaranai no ka

Dare demo sugu shinjiru hodo baka ja nai wakatteru sonna koto
Kizu darake no hitomi no sono oku ni futo mieru hontou no kimi no egao wo torimodosu yo

Kitto subete wa yume monogatari datte me ga samereba kiete nakunarutte nando mo jibun ni ii kikasete mitatte
Kimi ni fureta kono yubisaki ni wa mada nukumori ga nokotte te
Jibun ni uso wa tsukenai yo zutto

Tsurai dekigoto bakari de ikiru imi wo miushinatteta
Konna watashi ni ichido kiri no kiseki wo kureta anata wa koko ni wa inai

Hoho wo tsutau namida no ato kawaku mamonaku ukabu itoshii koe
Ima sugu ai ni iku yo imi nante nakute ii
Tsutawaranakute ii ima sugu anata no moto made

Kitto subete wa yume monogatari datte me ga samereba kiete nakunarutte nando mo jibun ni ii kikasete mitatte
Anata ni fureta kono yubisaki ga ima demo mada atatakakute jibun ni uso wa tsukenai yo

Aa ito shiki ano hito no namida ga tomarimasu you ni saigo no negai ga todokimasu you ni
Sayonara sayonara konna watashi ni ai wo oshiete kurete arigatou

Ikura kanashimi ga oshiyosete kono mune ga itami nakisaken demo zutto hatasenu mama no yakusoku dake nokotte mo
Kimi to deaete yokatta moshi umare kawattanara tsugi wa
Anata wo mitsukete miserukara.
The people around me will probably laugh at my actions
But I don’t care if they laugh, I must make sure of this
You, a person who’s name and face I’ve never known before
Why am I so obsessed and worried about you?

I am not stupid enough to just believe in strangers, I understand that
When I looked into those eyes full of damage, I was able to obtain that real smile

Everything was probably a fairytale dream, Something that disappears right when I wake up. No matter how many times I told myself that
The warmth from touching your fingertips is still here
I just can’t lie to myself Always

I was in so much pain, I lost my meaning to live.
To someone like me, you gave me a single miracle, but you are no longer here.

The tears left on my cheeks, before they could even dry, your lonely voice floats out
I’m going to come see you. There doesn’t have to be a meaning with it
It doesn’t have to convey to you. Right now, by your side

Everything was just a fairytale dream, something that disappears right when I wake up. No matter how many times I keep on telling myself that
The warmth from touching your fingertips is still here, I just can’t lie to myself

Ah, I wish that my lovely person stops shedding tears. May my final wish reach him
Goodbye, Goodbye. Thank you for teaching love to someone like me

No matter how much the sorrow clings in my chest, no matter how much I cry from pain. Even if this unkept promise is still there
I’m glad I met you, if I were to be reborn again
I will always find my way by your side

Cinderella -Another story-