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J.J. Blue
04 July 2014 @ 01:21 am
Okay, as Youtube has just deleted another one of my videos I decided I don't feel like sharing with it my SB/SRaTSS old video so they have all been posted on nicovideo under the SRaTSS tag. To see them you need a nicovideo account but as now there's an American nicovideo version it shouldn't be much of a problem.
J.J. Blue
Jack is one of the most intriguing characters in PH for… his absolute lack of self.
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J.J. Blue
25 June 2014 @ 01:35 am
It’s likely an unpopular opinion so consider yourself warned.
Some ramblings about Break’s deathCollapse )
J.J. Blue
25 June 2014 @ 01:31 am
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J.J. Blue
As someone has been wondering if Ryukishi ever gave a definitive answer to Lion or Yasu’s sex the answer is no, Ryukishi never said Lion and Yasu are this or that. However, after the VN he gave some more hints that, to many, seem to point toward a certain direction.

So if you wonder which they are and if there are theories and counter theories spawned by said hints, here you can find them (well, not all the theories are here, just some as they're really a lot and I don't remember them all).

However if you prefer not to investigate on it, as everything is under a read more, PLEASE, DON'T READ. And, if you feel like reading, always remember the most important thing to enjoy Umineko. The best solution/truth for Umineko is the one you decide yourself.

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J.J. Blue
When you read something like Umineko it’s pretty normal to end up in discussions about gender issues and gender identity and then wonders if Lion, who’s called as some sort of miracle for Yasu, is what Yasu wanted to be in terms of sex and/or gender identity.
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J.J. Blue
25 June 2014 @ 12:48 am
An interesting part in Umineko is ‘the chain of hate & abuse’.
Umineko and the chain of hate & abuseCollapse )
J.J. Blue
I can’t deny if there’s a thing that bother me is when people claim that if Maria were to do this or not to do that, her mother wouldn’t beat her.
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J.J. Blue
After the manga gave out more details about what exactly happened on Rokkenjima, who’s the culprit and so on I’ve been hearing many disaccording opinions about how the VN should have done what the manga did and be more explicit or about how the manga should have done what the VN did and be more subtle.

Honestly I wanted to wait to express my opinion till I had seen chap 24 and the rest in full and not just through spoilers but Chinese scanlations aren’t progressing and I don’t know when and if they’ll continue so I’ll content myself with what I have.
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J.J. Blue
23 June 2014 @ 12:26 am
Many apologies to everyone, I know I'm posting a lot (and I'll post more) but I've all those old stuff wandering and I'd like to post them here so I can keep them sort of ordered.
J.J. Blue
22 June 2014 @ 06:52 pm
After Retrace 89, and the EDIT AT THE TRANSLATION I'll try to sort my thoughts about Echo &... well, let's call them Co.
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J.J. Blue
22 June 2014 @ 06:23 pm

As I’ve ended up talking about the X anime I decided to try to review it episode by episode, comparing it with the manga. I truly, madly, deeply love X but this doesn’t mean I gloss over it’s mistakes and the X anime has many. After all an old way to say says it’s true love if you can still see a person/something’s faults and yet love him/her/it. However I understand there might be people who wouldn’t like to see their fave work being criticized so feel yourself warned.
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J.J. Blue
22 June 2014 @ 06:19 pm
Interesting enough the anime gives out Seiichirou’s birthday.

He’s born in the 49th year of the Showa era, on August the 4th.

The 49th year of Showa era is however 1974, the same year Subaru had birth… only Subaru’s born in February, which would make him older than Aoki even if only of few months when honestly I’ve always thought Subaru was younger than him of some years.

Even if the anime might not remember how old Subaru is they probably know enough math to realize that Aoki in 1999 would be 25 and they might have asked CLAMP if it was all right to give him that age (there would be no purpose in showing his age if they weren’t sure about it).

To be honest Subaru doesn’t necessarily need to be younger. Aoki is slightly shorter than Seishiro whose height hadn’t increased from when he was 25 so the fact that Aoki is taller than Subaru doesn’t necessarily means he’s older.

Aoki refers to Subaru as Subaru-kun but maybe he does so because they’re of the same age and in the same group and therefore he doesn’t feel the need to be formal.

Subaru uses Aoki-san but Subaru’s painfully polite and doesn’t get really close to him.

However as Aoki had been working for Kadokawa shoten by 8 years this would have caused him to start working for them when he was 17 and since he’s married by 9 years he would have married at 16 which would be troublesome because at 16 he would still be in high school and he claims he met Shimako while they were at the colllege.

So I guess the anime messed up dates again. Pity.
J.J. Blue
CLAMP created some characters that had an absolutely miserable backstory, some are so really tragic that Sumeragi Subaru’s backstory might seem not so terrible after all.
However the quote ‘At least you’re not Subaru’ is still very popular in the net and, so far, it hadn’t been replaced, as far as I know with any other ‘At least you’re not (insert another character’s name here) ’ yet.
Some people might legitimately wonder why. Why should Subaru be considered that ‘special’?
Well, everyone has his own reasons for not wanting to be Subaru, some can sound very reasonable while some others… less (sorry but I’ve an hard time believing Subaru’s worst tragedy is he’ll die as a virgin… -_-;;;).
Why people think not being Subaru is betterCollapse )