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05 December 2010 @ 02:27 am
Tokyo Babylon Image Soundtrack Disc 2 Drama Side [Voice] Call  
Okay, so for the ones who want to do the rereading but also enjoy the drama cd I will post this. It’s a transcription of the dialogues in vol. 3 made by Tenno Yukie from which I cut the parts that weren’t included in the drama cd. The drama cd and the manga differs in some points and in some other the drama cd includes parts that weren’t in the manga so this isn’t a perfect or complete translation of the drama cd. I wasn’t able to understand if the quotes were changed slightly and I wasn’t able to translate the new quotes (okay, I managed to translate the easiest ones…) but this still can help you follow what’s going on in the drama cd… and if you can help providing a translation for the missing parts and correcting the ones that are different in the cd I’ll love you forever…
In case someone is wondering not much was changed. It's more the part that was cut than the part that was added... -_-

Girl 1: I am one of the chosen ones, not like ordinary people. But for now I go to school and live the life of the ordinary people. One day, my special powers will awaken.
Girl 2: The destined day shall come. The world will be destroyed when that day comes. All the wars that are starting now are only the precognition. The world will be destroyed, I have predicted that long ago. But we, the chosen ones, will have the special power to save the world.
Girl 3: We were warriors in our previous life. We were fighting for the sake of the world even then. We are special, the ones chosen to save the world.
Girls: We shall wait, for the one who will bring us our mission. Waiting for someone to call us and say, you are special.

Seishiro: Sunshine penguins are always so cheerful.
Subaru: Ah, s-sorry, I'm sorry.
Seishiro: How are you feeling, penguin-san? I wonder what's the matter with Subaru-kun... He promised to be here at two... Maybe it's not a good idea after all to meet in front of the Sunshine aquarium for a date, penguin-san. Subaru-kun.
Subaru: I'm sorry! the job took longer than it should...! I'm really sorry!
Seishiro: No problem. Don't worry about it because it's my fault for inviting you though knowing you have work to do.
Subaru: But!
Seishiro: I'm just glad that you came.
Subaru: But...
Seishiro: Subaru-kun, have you had lunch already?
Subaru: No, actually I've been working the entire time this morning, so I haven't...
Seishiro: Then you must be hungry.
Subaru: Uh, yeah... well
Seishiro: Then let's go eat lunch first. The muffins of afternoon tea in the sunshine YOU block are delicious, and since we didn't get to eat them before. Subaru-kun, you said you don't really come to Ikebukuro that often, right?
Subaru: I'm sorry about last time! when I just left you waiting...
Seishiro: It's ok, since I said to meet until my appointments in the afternoon, so I returned to the clinic after waiting for a little while and you didn't show up.
Subaru: I am really sorry.
Seishiro: Was the job ok?
Subaru: Y-yes, I guess...
Seishiro: Then you have time today?
Subaru: Yes.
Seishiro: Then we can have a real date.
Subaru: D-date...
Subaru: S-sorry.
Seishiro: No, no, I don't mind. It seems you carry your pocket bell with you everywhere.
Subaru: In case of urgent calls about a job...
Seishiro: The Onmyouji must be catching up to the times lately if they carry pocket bells. Who is it from?
Subaru: It looks like Hokuto-chan.
Seishiro: Then you better call her back.

Subaru: I'm sorry, Hokuto-chan, I can't hear you very well from this phone! eh? what? I can't hear...
Hokuto: YOU'VE GOT A JOB!!!
Subaru: Ahhh!
Seishiro: Hokuto-chan is full of energy, isn't she?

Hokuto: What!? you were out on a date at Ikebukuro's Sunshine!? What were you planning to do at Ikebukuro?
Seishiro: Drink tea at Afternoon tea, eat Omrice at the Theatre Coffee Shop, go for barbeque at Heiseian...
Hokuto: What are you planning with that stuffing your face in line-up!?
Seishiro: Ahahahahah
Subaru: Hokuto-chan!
Hokuto: Subaru, you're in trouble too. You don't even have time for a date.
Subaru: Seishiro-san, I'm really sorry.
Seishiro: Oh no, don't worry about it. We can go have barbeque some other time.
Hokuto: Wait! Do you really think barbeque is good for a date?
Seishiro: [Not translated original quote] Is it a job again?
Subaru: Yes.
Hokuto: Oh what? What is it this time!?
Subaru: Hokuto-chan, do you know about Dial Q²?
Hokuto: I do. It's the one that has two 9's in the number.
Subaru: It appears to be something wrong with their party line...
Seishiro: What's that? The party line thing.
Hokuto: Sei-chan, you don't know?
Seishiro: Forgive me for being so uninformed.
Hokuto: It's one kind of the Dial Q² System. The first four numbers, 0990, has two 9's in it, so they call it Q². The party line is a service that can connect up to 10 people at one time on a single line... Basically it's like a telephone chat room. You just dial a selected number, and you can chat with a whole group of people.
Seishiro: Sounds fun to me.
Hokuto: But really, Q² has a major drawback which is that it makes your phone bill skyrocket. I believe from 14-18 seconds is about 10 yen, so if you get into a long interesting party convo, you could be getting a five digit bill from NTT, then you'll really get to hear from your parents.
Subaru: You sure know a lot, Hokuto-chan.
Hokuto: I'm naturally good with information since I'm an Aquarius.
Seishiro: [Not translated original quote].
Hokuto: [Not translated original quote]
Seishiro: [Not translated original quote]
Hokuto: Sei-chan, when is your birthday?
Seishiro: April 1st.
Hokuto: Really?
Seishiro: I don't know much about zodiacs but yes, I was born on April 1st.
Hokuto: Seishiro-chan, you don't look like an Aries to me.
Seishiro: Really?
Hokuto: You would be more like a water related element, so it seems.
Seishiro: Water related...?
Hokuto: Like Scorpion or Pisces.
Seishiro: Hokuto-chan, you sure know a lot.
Hokuto: What do you mean, there's not a single magazine that doesn't have horoscopes these days. That's what I call the occult boom, since it is the end of the century after all.
Seishiro: The occult is becoming popular because it's the end of the century?
Hokuto: Since the great prophecy of Nostradamus and the bible talks a lot about the world being destroyed in 1999, it's the whole fuss about the grand cross or something that will end the world.
Seishiro: The end of the world, huh.
Hokuto: [Not translated original quote]
Seishiro: What do you think about that, Hokuto-chan.
Hokuto: You mean the world being destroyed? I find the sales at Marui in three days a more important matter than what's going to happen to the world eight years later.
Seishiro: Ahahahahaha, you're quite right. So what is the job anyway?
Subaru: O-oh, there has been a lot of prank calls recently all over the country.
Seishiro: Prank calls? I get those at the clinic too. They say stuff like what are you doing right now, miss or what is the colour of your underwear? while breathing heavily.
Subaru: Did they make the prank calls after going on a marathon?
Seishiro: Well, since I'm not a woman, I'm afraid I can't provide them with the replies they are expecting. I always end up giving them animal sounds... From cats, dogs, monkeys...
Subaru: Why would they want to know the colour of the underwear?
Seishiro: Could be that it's the sport of their life? Anyway, what about prank calls?
Subaru: It appears that for the last three month, numbers ending with 19x9 have been getting a whole lot of pranks. And they are not just any prank calls... They seem to be some sort of spell. They were taken as ordinary pranks at first, until the victim families and companies came under supernatural influences. When NTT traced them back, they were found to be accessed through a party line in the Dial Q² system...
Seishiro: But since anyone can use the line, it's impossible to find the one responsible for the prank calls.
Subaru: Yes, and apparently troubled by that, NTT has hired the Sumeragi family.
Seishiro: What kind of spell is it?
Subaru: It looks like a lot of different ones... Islamic, cabalistic, Tibetan, nothing specific...
Seishiro: That is quite a variety.
Subaru: But to be able to use so many spells would mean that this is an experienced sorcerer, so I don't know where I should begin my investigation...
Seishiro: By the way, Subaru-kun, you know the party line number, right?
Subaru: O-oh yeah.
Seishiro: Then it's simple. Just try to connect to the line directly then.

Girl 1: The world will be destroyed in 1999.
Girl 3: We must accomplish the mission that was assigned to us.
Girl 2: I've had a dream.
Girls: What kind of dream?
Girl 2: It's the end of the world, the evil has awakened.
Girl 3: Already? It's too early!
Girl 1: Calm down. The dream is a prophecy.
Girl 2: The evil has awakened, and it came to kill us warriors with its followers.
Girl 3: We must hurry.
Girl 1: Yes, we must find our comrades, the warriors who were fighting along with us in the previous life. We will find them.
Girls: Will we really defeat the evil?
Girl 1: Don't worry, we are the chosen warriors. We have special powers, even though it has not awakened yet for now. One day, someone will come and tell us, you are special, you are the chosen ones.
Girl 2: The promised day shall come, the day when we will battle the evil.
Girl 1: Until then, we must sabotage the enemy's bases... My vision is correct, the telephone numbers ending with 19x9 are the headquarters of the enemy.
Girl 3: I've destroyed one today too.
Girls: What spell did you use?
Girl 3: An ancient Hindu spell, that I found in a book in the remote corner of the library.
Girl 1: You were destined to find that book, as determined since our previous lives.
Girl 3: But is it really alright, won't the enemy find this place and attack us?
Girl 1: Don't worry. We've all equipped our own houses with Kekkai, as explained on the line before. As long as you've posted up the Ofuda.
Girl 2: Yes, of course.
Girl 1: Plus, all the calls that attacked the headquarters were made through Dial Q², and luck is on our side, we will find our comrades.
Girl 3: Truly, we might have never met for the rest of our lives if it wasn't for the party line. Although I knew I possessed special powers, I never realized that I had comrades.
Girl 1: I have always known that I am special, unlike everyone else. Since we were warriors in the previous life, we must also fight for the sake of the present time. I knew I had comrades and I was sure I would meet you guys through the party line.
Girl 3: It is all in destiny, we being born with special powers, and meeting over the party line.
Girl 2: I really want to meet you guys soon.
Girl 1: Not yet. We can do no more than talk on the phone for now, but surely when someone gives all of us a mission...

Girl 3: Someone is accessing.
Girl 2: It is an enemy or a friend...
Girl 1: I don't know, but don't let your guard down.

Girl: Yes?
Subaru: U-um sorry to intrude...
Hokuto: What the hell is he being so nervous about.
Seishiro: That's because Subaru-kun is quite shy.
Girl 1: Your name?
Hokuto: [Not translated original quote] You don't have to give your real name! everyone uses a Mic name!
Subaru: E-eh, uh...
Girl 1: Name?
Seishiro: Subaru-kun, [Not translated original quote] What do you think about Pochi?
Subaru: I-It's Pochi. Pochi.
Hokuto: Wait, Sei-chan! What kinda stupid name is that?
Seishiro: Don't you think Pochi's cute?
Hokuto: More like Matsumoto Itoshi or Matsuoka Hideaki.
Girl 1: Are you our comrade?
Subaru: Huh?
Girl 1: Do you have special powers?
Subaru: Special powers?
Girl 1: What do you think when you hear the number 1999?
Subaru: Are you the ones who made the prank calls!?
Girl 2: He's the enemy!
Girl 3: An enemy! *she begins to chant*

Subaru: An inverse chant!?
Hokuto: S-Subaru!

Subaru: On sowahanba shuda saraba tamara sowahanba shudo kan, on tatagyato dohanbaya sowaka, on handobo dohanbaya sowaka, on boku ken

Hokuto: W-what was that? Wah... Scary
Seishiro: It was an inverse spell.
Hokuto: Inverse spell?
Subaru: It was originally a Tibetan chant that's used to protect oneself, but read backwards, it becomes a curse.
Hokuto: Even if it's only over the phone? Don't you have a Kekkai around the room, Subaru?
Subaru: Kekkai don't work for the phone.
Hokuto: Why not?
Subaru: A connection of the phone line also connects the spiritual dimensions as well, thus the distance between the places becomes zero.
Hokuto: Basically, a sorcerer's Kekkai lost to some electronic product.
Seishiro: It was a girl's voice back there.
Hokuto: They should be about my age.
Subaru: I wonder if they are really the ones behind the prank calls.
Seishiro: Apparently so. If they know the inverse chant, I wouldn't be surprised if they knew the Islamic mudra and Christian hymns as well.
Subaru: The Sumeragi family would have their information is they are sorcerers, if we investigate...
Seishiro: Maybe not. If they are really sorcerers, they wouldn't be using such a mix of religious spells unfaithfully. Just like Subaru-kun is also knowledgeable in any white and black magic spells, but would never actually use them.
Hokuto: Why's that?
Seishiro: Because it's a taboo. Spiritual powers are not without consequences. It takes a great deal of training to perform even one spell, and depending on the caster's ability. In addition, the more powerful the spell is, the greater the consequences that would reflect in case that it should fail. The pros know of that terror, therefore they will never challenge the taboo.
Hokuto: Seishiro-chan you sure know a lot, huh, huh, I always knew you must be related to the assassin organization Sakurazukamori, right, right?
Seishiro: Ah, I'll make more tea.
Hokuto: How sly of you---! you always change the subject when we talk about that!
Subaru: ...Then that would mean that... They are...
Seishiro: Only amateurs, of course.

Girls: That was the enemy.
Girl 3: The enemy has appeared.
Girl 1: The enemy has made an assault on us.
Girl 2: We must defeat him, for we are warriors.
Girls: We are special!

Subaru: If they are only playing around with spells...
Seishiro: Then the spell Subaru-kun used earlier literally returned their curse. And so if they were not properly prepared...
Hokuto: Oh dear god...
Subaru: Oh no...! I did cast a reflection spell but I didn't mean to send the curse back to them, they should be ok... Kinda... They'll probably just be painfully vomiting all the stuff they ate today...
Hokuto: Uhhhh--- since it's through Dial Q², we don't know where the phone call was made from. It would be a huge embarrassment if they were out of their own homes, they won't be able to get married like that.
Subaru: It's because I... Couldn't control myself...
Seishiro: It's not Subaru-kun's fault, it is natural to have to be burdened with the same hatred... If you want to curse someone else.
Subaru: I have to stop them!!
Hokuto: Subaru?
Subaru: If things continue like this, those girls will...!

Voice: Die Die Die Die
Girl 1: Kyahhhhhhhhhh
Girl 1: It was an attack from the enemy.
Girl 2: We won't lose, because we are the chosen ones.
Girl 3: We have been warriors since our previous life.
Girls: We are all special.

Seishiro: [Not translated original quote] Oh you're doing this fully dressed up.
Hokuto: Subaru may not look like it at first glance, but he really is a pro.
Seishiro: [Not translated original quote]
Hokuto: [Not translated original quote]
Seishiro: What are you going to do, Subaru-kun?
Subaru: I was thinking of tracking down the locations of the girls who made the prank calls.
Seishiro: You mean the dial Q² people?
Subaru: Yes, at this rate, if they continue to use spells... If they don't stop before that...
Seishiro: Subaru-kun, you really are kind.
Subaru: I-I'm not really...
Hokuto: Don't go into your own two-people world again.
Seishiro: Even these little things can be an important chance.
Hokuto: I must praise you for your dedication.
Subaru: H-Hokuto-chan!
Seishiro: Speaking of which, did you eat anything yet, Subaru-kun? we weren't able to go to afternoon tea together after all, and you only had a little bit of muffins earlier.
Hokuto: Subaru doesn't eat before his work, he's one of those super rare hard working boys in the present day society. He doesn't eat any meat since the day before work, and also goes into water bath since early on in the morning. It's the same in all seasons.
Seishiro: Is that what you call the purification?
Hokuto: Bathing in water seems less enjoyable to me.
Subaru: Any medium would do that kind of stuff, I'm not standing out specifically...
Seishiro: That certainly is admirable dedication.
Subaru: Not... Really. Since I do get paid for this.
Hokuto: Subaru didn't really think too highly of this job at first...
Seishiro: By the way, I just realized that Subaru-kun was not the only one who changed for work... Why did you change your attire, Hokuto-chan?
Hokuto: Or else Subaru would be alone by himself.
Seishiro: I see, Hokuto-chan is such a kind sister.
Hokuto: Hoho--- hohoho, you just noticed?

Subaru: Shuku dou shou!
Seishiro: That's pretty amazing.
Hokuto: Subaru's Shikigami is very useful besides being powerful.
Seishiro: They do say that the pet are alike to their masters.
Hokuto: The Shikigami is a type of spell that works like part of the master's body, but I guess you could kinda say that they are pets. By the way, what is your Shikigami, Seishiro-chan?
Seishiro: Where did Subaru-kun's Shikigami-san go?
Hokuto: You changed the subject again!

Girl 1: So you've had the same dream as well?
Girl 3: Yeah.
Girl 1: What about you?
Girl 2: ...
Girl 3: Did you see the dream of the future?
Girl 2: No, that was not a dream of the future!
Girl 1: It's an attack from the enemy.
Girl 3: The dream we saw also?
Girl 1: That's right. The enemy fears our special powers, that's why they show us such dreams to unnerve our hearts.
Girl 3: That's must be it... That's right.
Girl 2: ...
Girl 1: It only shows that our powers are extraordinary.
Girl 2: The Ofuda!?
Girl 3: The Ofuda in my room as well!
Girl 1: It's glowing!?
Girl 3: [Not translated original quote]
Girl: [Not translated original quote] KYAHH!

Hokuto: What's wrong? Subaru?

Subaru: Rin pyou tou sha kai jin retsu Zai zen Ha!

Girl: [Not translated original quote]
Girl: [Not translated original quote]
Girl: [Not translated original quote]

Hokuto: Subaru!
Subaru: I'm ok, Hokuto-chan.
Seishiro: You altered the spell half way, what happened?
Hokuto: Did you find the girls' houses?
Subaru: I found it. The prank calls are made by three people. At Asagaya, Hachiouji... and Misato...
Hokuto: Was the search difficult?
Subaru: The search itself didn't really take much time... But those girls had some sort of barrier around their rooms, and what's more, the barriers are incomplete... So if I had let the Shikigami return, leaving them like that...
Seishiro: It looks like that they were in the middle of being punished for their pranks.
Hokuto: Being punished?
Seishiro: Sakanagi.
Hokuto: Sakanagi?
Seishiro: No matter what kind of a spell it is, the greater it is, the stronger its effects will reflect back upon you. Even if the spell itself does not return, its karma certainly will, more or less, return to the master, that is the so called reverse effect. Since pros know all about that, they have ways to protect themselves from the reflection, such as in Subaru-kun's case.
Subaru: Yes.
Seishiro: But those girls used a spell without knowing such defences. In fact, it was a quite advanced spell, so it has turned on them in full force.
Subaru: Just when I was about to return the Shikigami, there was an unsettling aura in their rooms... It looked like various spirits had been awakened from their excessive usage of spells...
Seishiro: And so you recklessly broken into their Kekkai?
Subaru: ...yes.
Seishiro: You're pushing yourself again... You let the scouting Shikigami break the Kekkai, and even attack... You could've been in danger if it failed.
Subaru: But the problem came up when they were visible... If I had just left them like that, their mental state would...
Seishiro: ...
Hokuto: What's the matter, Sei-chan? what are you thinking?
Seishiro: Something perverted.
Hokuto: Oh Sei-chan, you're too honest!
Seishiro: Oh, I was thinking... That maybe I could use the chance when Subaru-kun is exhausted and get into a perverted situation like that.
Hokuto: Sei-chan you're so ambitious!

Girl 2: What... Was that thing last night... I'm scared... I'm scared...

Girl 3: I need to buy a telephone card with the lunch money, I can't use the phone at home anymore since mom is there... Oh hell, the phone bill is over 100,000 yen... We are warriors, we must save the world from destruction. I'm different from those original girls.

Girl 1: Where could the enemy possibly be hiding... And when will the voice that call on us come... It should've known that we were under attack. But why haven't we heard the voice yet? it must be coming soon. Just like this novel that I'm writing, surely we will survive when the end of the world comes. And our special powers will awaken, and fight the bastards who will lead earth to destruction. We are the chosen ones, we are special.

Subaru: [Not translated original quote]
Hokuto: [Not translated original quote]
Subaru: [Not translated original quote]
Hokuto: Coming! Subaru, you're going to get worse if you don't stay put in bed and rest!
Subaru: Hokuto-chan!
Hokuto: Yes? oh, Sei-chan.
Seishiro: Has Subaru-kun's fever gone down?
Hokuto: He's still at 38 degrees! oh, I just opened the door to the lobby. Coming, coming. [Not translated original quote]
Seishiro: I want to pay him a visit, though would I be intruding?
Hokuto: But it looks like the subject himself is already planning to get up.
Seishiro: Here.
Hokuto: Wai, it's Tops' chocolate cake---! [Not translated original quote] Subaru's in the bedroom, I'll go ahead and make some tea.
Seishiro: Alright.

Subaru: Come in.
Seishiro: Feeling any better?
Subaru: I'm fine already, just a bit tired.
Seishiro: I don't think I should've asked you to go to Ikebukuro after a job.
Subaru: No, no, no! It wasn't because I was tired, actually it was really fun...
Seishiro: I'm glad to hear you say that.
Hokuto: Sei-chan, you go tell him too.
Seishiro: What's wrong?
Hokuto: Subaru insists on calling Q² one more time today.
Seishiro: Q²?
Subaru: If I don't stop them as soon as possible... Things will get very ugly. If the spiritual disturbance appeared that clearly, then every second matters.
Hokuto: SUBARU!
Subaru: Hokuto-chan, this is my job. I'm paid with money, to do this job. If so, then I want to do this properly.
Hokuto: Subaru... Subaru is a pro, I gotcha, for the money you get paid, do work hard.
Seishiro: May I be in on this?
Subaru: But my body is not in the best condition this time... What if something happens.
Seishiro: I won't get in your way. Because I have confidence in Subaru-kun's work.

Subaru: Who is it?
Girl 2: You're the one who called before, right?
Subaru: You're the one who made prank calls?
Girl 2: Help me! Hey, you did this right!? The scary dream and the spirits in the room... That's all your doing, isn't it!? I tried everything to get rid of them but they're still there!
Subaru: It's not me.
Girl 2: [Not translated original quote]
Subaru: [Not translated original quote]
Girl 2: How can that be!?
Subaru: Calm down, it's alright. Your scary dream and the spirits in the room, they are all going to go away.
Girl 2: Really...?
Subaru: Really.
Girl 2: Who are you? Are you also a warrior?
Subaru: No, I'm not.
Girl 2: Are you our comrade?
Subaru: No, I'm not.
Girl 2: Are you a special person?
Subaru: ... No, I'm not.
Girl 2: Then why...
Subaru: Do you have something like an Ofuda taped up in your room?
Girl 2: I do.
Subaru: Please take it off.
Girl 2: But if I do that!
Subaru: That Ofuda is wrong.
Girl 2: Eh...!?
Subaru: The direction and the way it's written... Maybe you were doing it according to a book or something like that, but that book itself was wrong. That is the first reason.
Girl 2: Is it really alright to take it off...?
Subaru: Yes.
Girl 2: For real!?
Subaru: I promise.
Girl 2: Okay

Subaru: Noubou aratan nou tarayaaya noumakuariya mitabaya tatagyataya arakatei sanmyaku sanbodaya
Hokuto: It looks like it's going smoother than we thought. I can just see it from here.
Seishiro: It's fine if that's the case, but...

Girl 1: What's the matter? did something happen!?
Girl 3: What is that spell?
Girl 2: This person is going make the scary dreams and spirits all go away.
Girl 1: What!? He's the enemy!
Girl 2: But our Ofuda were wrong! It is its fault that we're seeing scary dreams!
Girl 1: You betrayed us!
Girl 3: Traitor!
Girl 2: No, I didn't!
Girls: *chanting*

Subaru: Sarabaarata sadanei sarabakyara kishougyarei
Hokuto: Subaru! Why don't you call back your spell!?
Seishiro: Subaru-kun already started the exorcism for one of the three people, if he stopped midway, the life of the girl who tore the Ofuda would be in danger.
Hokuto: But the other two's spell!
Subaru: Whether the Kekkai would hold or not...
Girl 2: Ahhhh! [Not translated original quote]

Subaru: ---uh
Hokuto: Subaru!
Subaru: ---uh Kishougyarei Sowaka!
Hokuto: Subaru!! Sei-chan!
Seishiro: [Not translated original quote], Hokuto-chan. Isn't that enough?
Girl 1: Who's there?
Girl 3: An enemy!

girls: We are special! We are the chosen ones! We're special!
Seishiro: Special, huh...
girls: We are fighting to save the earth! We were given special powers to fight you demons! Even when the earth is destroyed, we will survive! And we will save the people who remain! We're different from those ordinary people! We're different from those powerless, useless people!
Seishiro: Whether you talk about such foolish nonsense, or make trouble for others, it neither concerns me, nor do I have any interest in it. But I won't forgive you... For hurting Subaru-kun.

Girl 1: Enemy! I will defeat you! I AM SPECIAL!
Seishiro: So what is the value of being special anyway?
Girl 3: we were warriors in our past lives! and in this life as well!
Seishiro: And what's the use of a past life?
Seishiro: Since I'm not kind like Subaru-kun, I won't just passively accept your attacks.
Girls: No... To be ordinary... To be the same as everyone else... No!
Girl 1: The teacher who scolded me in school, and those kids who laughed at me, they are all going to die in the year 1999!
Girl 3: I am special! I will not be ordinary, like mother, and father, and everyone around me!
Girls: we won't be common like everyone else and be overlooked!
Seishiro: It looks like you've got it all wrong. The most wondrous thing in the world is the people who stand firmly on the ground, and strive for the best day after day in their common lives. Waking up every morning, going to school every day, working every day, crying and laughing, in anger and pain, and still strive to live in reality... If you want to make fun of ordinary people like that... Then you don't want to live the same way those ordinary people do?
Girl: [Not translated original quote]
Girl: [Not translated original quote]
Seishiro: If you really want to be special that badly, then I'll give you a hand.
Girls: [Not translated original quote] AHHHHHHHHHHH
Seishiro: Geez, a spell that you could easily send back, but you rather accept it with a sick body, should I say that you're reckless, or foolish... If you ever take up jobs like this again, Hokuto-chan is going to cry. And, the bet with me... It's not over yet, Subaru-kun.

Subaru: In the end... I didn't save anyone... I tried to contact the three houses that the Shikigami found, of the three, two of them were hospitalized for mental illness, and the third whom I exorcised was fine but her parents... Said she's under treatment with a psychiatrist since she kept on saying nonsense about seeing ghosts... I know that spiritual or supernatural occurrences are usually thought of as mental illness, but in the end, I couldn't do anything... In order to heal a wound in the heart, if she has her family's support, she might still recover. But I'm afraid that the girls' future will...
Seishiro: It is not so common to overcome the fact that your heart was once wounded, because Japan is really not a country which understands mental illness or supernatural phenomenon as well as America.
Hokuto: Subaru, this incident was your job, wasn't it. Then you should save it as data and forget about it afterwards. If you mess up on the next job because you keep on worrying about this, then you're not being a pro!
Subaru: Okay
Seishiro: If Subaru-kun is feeling better now, why don't we all go for some tea and eat?
Hokuto: WA~~~~~~I! by the way, why did I suddenly pass out back then?
Seishiro: Well, shall we get going?
Hokuto: You cheated again!
Seishiro: Ahahaahah
Subaru: Hokuto-chan [Not translated original quote]
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