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26 December 2010 @ 07:06 pm
Tokyo Babylon 2 OAV Script  
Okay, in case it can help someone here there's the TB OAV script... taken mostly as it was from the OAV (some small changes here and there). Also sorry but I don’t have the scripts for the drama cd included with the OAV… ;_;

Tokyo Babylon 2 OAV

Little Subaru: Sakura are so beautiful.
Young Seishiro: Do you like Sakura?
Little Subaru: Yes.
Young Seishiro: Did you know that a corpse is buried under every Sakura tree?
Little Subaru: A corpse?
Young Seishiro: It's the corpse that makes the Sakura blossoms so beautiful. The Sakura blossoms are normally as white as the snow. Do you know what makes Sakura turn pink? *Little Subaru shook his head.* The Sakura tree feeds on the blood of the corpse under it.
Little Subaru: *Subaru looks up sadly, with tears in his eyes* The people buried down there... are they in pain? *Young Seishiro is surprised and then smiles again and he bends down*
Young Seishiro: I'll make a bet with you.
Little Subaru: A bet?
Young Seishiro: Yes, a bet. When we meet again... *The wind blows by... as young Seishiro says something*
Little Subaru: I'm sorry, I can't hear you! The wind's too loud!


The capital of ancient Mesopotamia.
Ever since Hammurabi the King of Babylonia made it the country's capital in 800 BC it flourished as the center of civilization in the Orient.
not satisfied with their splendour and luxury, the people built a tower named 'Babel' to reach the heavens.
The absolute God would not allow this and as a divine punishment, removed the shared language of the people.
Yet humans, in their folly, still try to repeat and challenge God.
Babylon, the city that befell the wrath of God.

Guy: Sir, the train's coming. Where are you headed? Sir? Sir? Hang on. I'll help you.
Announcer: Train arriving on track 1. Please stay behind the white line.
*A boy gets on the subway and attacks a woman. Subaru witnesses the scenes and tries to stop it but he's too late. The vehicle stops and Subaru runs out of it in hope to be in time at helping the woman.*
Subaru: Excuse me! *Subaru sees the woman is dead* Oh, no!
Policeman: The victim is identified as Nishimura Ikumi. Cause of death is stabbing. The suspect is fleeing down the subway tracks. I repeat: the suspect is fleeing.
Kono: Can't you describe him a little better?
Subaru: I'm sorry. He was far away, and I didn't see him well.
Kono: You have to remember. You're our only witness.
Hamaji: Kono-san! We can't search the subway tracks. First train is going to take off soon. What if he gets away from us in the rush-hour crowd?
Kono: I wonder if this is a very well-planned crime.
Subaru: Can't you catch him?
Kono: You're our only witness.
Sumida: We'll be at the scene of the crime soon.
Hidaka Mirei: Alright.
Kono: He can't stay down here in the subway forever. If we lose him down here, we'll have to catch him on the street.
Sumida: Good luck, Mirei-san.
Mirei: Yes. *Mirei uses her power to see what happened in the crime scene*
Subaru: Are you all right?

Hokuto: So who is she?
Seishiro: Is she some sort of Reinousha (medium)?
Subaru: That's what I thought at first.

Mirei: It must have been a shocking sight.
Subaru: What?
Mirei: To see someone killed right before your eyes.
Subaru: How do you know what I saw?
Mirei: Try to forget it.
Kono: No, DON'T forget it! You have to do a composite sketch! You too, Mirei-san.

Subaru: At first, I thought she was a trained Reinousha, but...

Mirei: It was so strange seeing birds inside the subway.
Subaru: Birds?
Mirei: The birds were yours?
Subaru: Yes. I'm an Onmyouji.
Mirei: Do you know what post-cognition is?

Seishiro: Post-cognition?
Subaru: Yes.
Seishiro: I've heard of it, but I didn't know it really existed.
Hokuto: What is it?
Seishiro: You've heard of premonitions, haven't you, Hokuto-chan?
Hokuto: That's when you see what's about to happen.
Seishiro: A vision of the future is called "precognition." Post-cognition is just the opposite of that.
Hokuto: The opposite?

Subaru: He was about half a head taller than the victim.
Police woman: The victim was 5 feet 3 inches tall... half a head is 5 inches, and the victim had 2-inch heels on. That would make the suspect 5 foot 7 to 5 foot 9.
Mirei: He had long, slim eyes, and a small nose. Thin lips. Short, straight hair. His left ear was pierced.

Mirei: I can see into the past. I saw everything that happened on the subway.
Subaru: But if you look into the past...
Mirei: You're about to say that the past goes back forever. Yes, the past is infinite.
Subaru: Then how do you do it?
Mirei: I don't see the past with my eyes. I see it with my fingers.
Subaru: Your fingers?
Mirei: Whenever someone is attacked or killed... waves of terror wash over the entire area. It's like a spray of water. My fingers feel that spray. I feel the emotions that people leave behind.

Hokuto: So her hands are like sensors! We put out our hands together when we measure people's spirit. It's because her fingers are so sensitive.
Seishiro: That's why she always wears gloves. If she didn't, she might touch something by accident. She would constantly call up images from the past.

Subaru: So you witnessed the entire murder?
Mirei: Yes. The entire scene was crystal clear. All of it. I've seen so many things through my fingertips. I've seen things that normal people never have to see. Do you know what a person looks like... as he kills someone? I know far too well.
Subaru: I've seen it too. Probably not as often as you have. But I've seen it too.

Hokuto: That's true, Subaru. You've seen things that most people wouldn't even believe!
Seishiro: She must realize that. She knows Subaru-kun understand her.
Hokuto: But why does she put herself through that?

Mirei: I wish I didn't have to see, but they're depending on me.
Subaru: The police?
Mirei: No, the victims.

Seishiro: Seeing the past is a dreadful ability. But the lives of espers have always been tragic.
Hokuto: Why?
Seishiro: People are jealous of anyone who has special powers. No matter what those powers might be.

Kashiwagi Kiriko: You met someone this last spring.
Girl: Yes!
Kiriko: Treasure that man.
Girl: I'll be happy, won't I?
Kiriko: Yes. So long as you work hard at it.
Girl: My friend said you were really good at telling fortunes! I'm glad I came! Thank you very much!
Kiriko: I wish you happiness. Next, please.

Boy: You pretty girl, miss. I give you discount.
Mirei: Thank you!
Kiriko: Thanks for waiting, Mirei.
Mirei: No problem. This is for you, Kaasan.

Kiriko: How strange. Your palm is a mirror image of mine.

Mirei: What makes you bring up such an old story?
Kiriko: When I met you, I couldn't stand seeing so much of the future. I was going to stop telling fortunes. And then I met a beautiful little girl... who was looking so hard into the past.
Mirei: Okaasan?
Kiriko: You're the only one who's ever called me that, Mirei.
Mirei: Eh?
Kiriko: It will be time for me to go soon.

Mirei: I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do for you. There's nothing I can do.

Hokuto: Can't sleep?
Subaru: Yes.

Subaru: What if the murderer gets away? He'll continue to kill. And Mirei-san will have to witness each of those murders. There must be something I can do!
Seishiro: Her name is Mirei-san? She's been putting herself through this for a long time. She's so brave to face her own power like that. She worries me a bit.
Hokuto: Subaru, you're just a witness in this case!
Subaru: But...
Hokuto: Here it comes again! You always think you have to solve everybody's problems! People can only do so much in their lifetimes! They're lucky to even BEGIN fulfilling their potential. But you can't do anything if you let yourself get sick! You have to eat right and sleep well before you can help others!
Subaru: Hokuto-chan...
Hokuto: So, Sei-chan, what brings you out this late at night?
Seishiro: I had a feeling that Subaru-kun needed me. A bond between two people can be very powerful.
Hokuto: How true! How true, Sei-chan! Before long, you might even start to like Subaru!
Subaru: Hokuto-chan!
Hokuto: Hey, wasn't there a building here? Did they tear it down already? What's he doing so late at night? Hello!
Subaru: What are you doing, sir?
Miyatake Satoru: Hello. Oh, this? I'm collecting building scraps.
Hokuto: Building scraps? How interesting!
Subaru: Hokuto-chan!
Miyatake: It's my hobby. Some people collect insect specimens or animal fossils. But what remains of a building once it's been torn down? I feel sorry for these great structures. Buildings hold so many events and memories inside themselves.
Hokuto: Fascinating! Tell me more about this.
Miyatake: My place is nearby. Would you like to come over?
Hokuto: You bet! I just bought the perfect cake for a party!
Subaru: Hokuto-chan! Don't impose!
Miyatake: That's all right. But I warn you, my place is a bit cluttered.

Miyatake: Watch your step.
Hokuto: Incredible!
Miyatake: It's just a hobby, so sometimes I'm a bit messy with the pieces.
Hokuto: There's so many! Do you know what buildings they came from?
Miyatake: Yes, I can tell. This was part of a hotel.
Hokuto: There's no label! How can you tell?
Miyatake: Do you know what this is?
Subaru: Concrete with some bone in it?
Miyatake: Exactly. Do you know what kind?
Seishiro: A human bone.
Subaru: What?
Miyatake: He must have been buried inside in a construction accident. Construction was fast and furious during the post-war period. I found this in an old scrapyard.
Seishiro: Perhaps he was murdered.
Miyatake: No, it was an accident. I can tell by touching it.
Subaru: He can tell by touching it? Could he be another--

Subaru: What if there were two post-cognitives in the world? And what would happen when they met? If they touched fingers, what would they see? What would they see?

Hamaji: We're lucky that Mirei tipped us off. Or we'd never have known that the drowning victim... was actually the first target of the subway killer.
Kono: We found traces of her hair and clothing on the subway trestle. Our psychic seems to be legitimate.
Hamaji: Kono-san?
Kono: Give her a call.
Hamaji: Right!

Mirei: Once the weather clears up, let's go somewhere, Okaasan. Someplace quiet where we can relax together.
Kiriko: We're just like a real mother and daughter, aren't we?
Mirei: What's wrong, Kaasan? You're acting so strange today.
Kiriko: You've made me so happy. I'm glad I had the chance to meet someone like you. But I'm afraid I have to be leaving you now.
Mirei: Why?

Kiriko: You know better than anyone how well I can see the future.
Mirei: Okaasan!
Kiriko: There is a perfect companion for everyone in this world.
Hamaji: More perfect than you?
Kiriko: Certainly.
Mirei: Who? Okaasan!

Kono: They're going to be demolishing this house soon.
Draw: "Daddy"
Kono: It's been twelve years. I never thought I'd set foot in this place again.
Mirei: You want me to recreate what happened twelve years ago?
Kono: It has always bothered me. I just need an answer.
Mirei: What happened here twelve years ago? What did you see with those glass eyes?

Young boy: Okaasan! Okaasan! Okaasan! Okaasan! Okaasan!

Hamaji: Kono-san. Sorry we're late.
Subaru: Mirei-san.
Mirei: It's good to see you again, Subaru-kun.
Kono: A young boy killed his sister there 12 years ago. I met that same boy years later in juvenile detention. His words have haunted me ever since.

Killer: A reason? I didn't have a reason.

Hamaji: You have incredible powers, Mirei-san.
Mirei: Oh, not really.
Subaru: How do you handle it, Mirei-san?
Mirei: I was sad when I first found out I was different. But then I learned that I wasn't alone.
Subaru: A piece of concrete?
Mirei: That's all it looks like, but...

Miyatake: What are you looking at?
Mirei: Why did they have to tear it down?
Miyatake: They don't need it anymore.
Mirei: But there's someone buried under here.
Miyatake: Can you see that with your fingers?
Mirei: Kind of.
Miyatake: Get back. Keep this. We'll meet again some day. I promise.
Mirei: You promise?
Miyatake: Yes, I promise.

Mirei: We'll meet again some day.

Kiriko: Do you want something?
Killer: Sorry, that's my--

Receptionist: This is 110. What's the problem?

Police radio: All units! Nakano subway, train 5 is reporting a murder.
Kono: This is car 2, we're on our way! Damn!

Policeman1: Kono-san.
Kono: Who's the victim?
Policeman1: A middle-aged woman. Identity unknown.
Policeman2: Cause of death was strangulation.
Kono: Anything to identify the victim?
Policeman2: She had a large shoulder bag. The contents are a little odd.
Mirei: Okaasan!

Mirei: *At the Police Infirmary* Okaasan! Subaru-kun...
Subaru: Mirei-san! Thank goodness.
Mirei: Kono-san, I want to see my mother.

Mirei: Okaasan, was this why you had to leave me?
Killer: That place is my...

Subaru: Mirei-san?
Hamaji: Kono-san! HQ is calling a meeting. They think they're closing in on him.
Kono: But how?
Hamaji: The meeting is starting at four.
Kono: That's only twenty minutes from now. Subaru-kun, I'm going to call a cab. Could you see Mirei-san back to her house?
Subaru: Yes!
Hamaji: There is no common link in three murders.
Kono: They've always been too hasty.

Subaru: Keiji-san, are you going to catch the killer?
Kono: Don't worry, we'll get him. Driver, take them home.

Mirei: Thank you for bringing me home, Subaru-kun.
Subaru: Will you be all right all alone up there?
Mirei: I'm more worried about you. You haven't been sleeping well. Don't worry. The case will be solved soon. Yes. So don't worry about it. Get some sleep.
Subaru: Mirei-san!
Sumida: Sorry to hear about Kiriko-san.
Mirei: Shouldn't you be at the meeting?
Sumida: The meeting at headquarters? What a farce! Those pencil-pushers are so inept.

Hokuto: Subaru You're finally home! Let me warm up some dinner for you!
Subaru: Thanks, Hokuto, but I'm not very hungry. I'll eat something in the morning. Good night.
Hokuto: Subaru!

Sumida: Good. After all, you're the only one who can identify him.
Mirei: Isn't entrapment illegal?
Sumida: Don't worry. The supreme court has always allowed it. The FBI uses this method fairly frequently. It's perfectly safe. Leave the details to me.
Mirei: Train 3 to Marunouchi, at 12:30 AM?
Sumida: Don't forget: Sit in the last car, right-hand side, facing front. That's his reserved seat.
Mirei: Reserved seat?
Sumida: I'll pick you up at 11 tonight.

Hokuto: Ehy, Subaru? Subaru, are you going to the subway again tonight?
Subaru: It's been four days since I heard from Mirei-san. Maybe I'll find her on the subway. And maybe I can help.

Hamaji: Sumida Keiji has been taking Mirei-san onto the subway.
Kono: Mirei-san? What are you talking about?
Hamaji: They've been riding the 12:30 AM train. If we hurry, we can catch them.

Mirei: Protect me.

Hamaji: Kono-san! Go ahead. I'm stuck.

Mirei: What did you say?
Killer: Do I have to tell you again? That's my seat.
Mirei: That's it? You killed three people over that?
*Sumida gets killed*
Mirei: Oh, no!

Subaru: Kono-san, what happened?
Kono: He had to try his little trap. But what good will it do for his career now that he's dead?
Subaru: Mirei-san...

Mirei: I won't let him get away with this!

Hamaji: Subaru-kun, I'll call your sister for you!
Subaru: Thank you. Tell her not to worry.

Mirei: I can't feel him.
Killer: Here I am. Now it's your turn to run away. If you can run fast enough, I'll let you go. Run as fast as you can. It's my turn to be "it", so I'll give you until the count of 10. One... two... three... four... nine... ten!

Seishiro: They said that Subaru-kun's train has stopped in the tunnel.
Hokuto: If anyone hurts Subaru, I'll kill them!
Seishiro: Subaru-kun will be fine. They said the tunnel comes out nearby at a maintenance station. Let's find the spot and surprise Subaru-kun.
Hokuto: Sei-chan...

Mirei: Stop right there!
Killer: You know, there are only three bullets left. The police only load four bullets for safety. And the detective already fired once. That leaves three. You'll have to hit me in the head or the heart. Otherwise, I'll kill you.

Kono: That was a gunshot!
Subaru: Mirei-san!
Kono: Subaru-kun!

Hokuto: Gunshots? Sei-chan!
Seishiro: Wait here, Hokuto-chan.
Subaru: Sei-chan, take the umbrella.
Seishiro: I'll be fine. It's about to stop raining.

Killer: Nice try. You nearly got my heart. Goodbye.
Miyatake: Climb the ladder. Get out of here! Hurry!

Subaru: Miyatake-san!
Miyatake: Subaru-kun, help her!

Subaru: Mirei-san!
Mirei: Subaru-kun!
Subaru: Hold on tight! Mirei-san, come back this way! Be careful! Nice and slow. Don't slip. Mirei-san, hang on!
Mirei: Subaru-kun...
Miyatake: I promised you.
Mirei: I always knew we'd meet again.

Killer: Now you die.
Seishiro: You may not have Subaru. I caught him first.

Little Subaru: I can't hear you! The wind's too loud!

Subaru: Seishiro-san.

Subaru: He didn't really need a reason to kill. But his excuse was that people were infringing on his territory.
Hokuto: Subaru! Subaru!
Subaru: Hokuto-chan.
Hokuto: I was so worried about you, Subaru!
Subaru: Where's Mirei-san?
Hokuto: She's fine now.
Seishiro: The two of them have already gone. It's strange. It almost seems that they were fated to meet.
Hokuto: Just like you and Subaru! Destiny brought you together!
Subaru: Oh, really?
Seishiro: Come on home. We'll treat Subaru-kun to a magnificent breakfast.
Subaru: Eh?
Hokuto: Sei-chan! I love a Japanese breakfast! We can have miso soup with tofu, natto, and seaweed!
Seishiro: Yes!
Hokuto: Come on, Subaru!
Seishiro: Hurry up.
Subaru: Okay.
Jeldijeldi on December 27th, 2010 02:10 am (UTC)
Some day, some day I will have that drama CD translated. It's partially done now and its a cute little story. ^.^ I might work on that once I have my artwork done that has a looming deadline. ^____^
J.J. Blue: SxSjjblue1 on December 27th, 2010 03:06 am (UTC)
I hope you'll manage to make it one day and I thank you a lot for all the translating work you do TB!