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22 June 2014 @ 06:08 pm
Subaru & Hokuto and school  
I’ve noticed there’s who wonder why Subaru at 16 is still a first year high school student.

But let’s look into this a bit deeper.

First: Japanese elementary school last 6 years, middle school 3.

Second: You can attend to your first year of elementary school only if you’re already 6. Not if you’re going to become 6 that year, you need to be 6 already.

Third: School in Japan starts on April 1st so you need to be 6 by that date.

And now let’s apply this to Subaru.

Subaru is born in 1974, February.

Ergo by April 1st 1980 he would be 6 and could start attending school.

This means during the school year that would start on April 1st 1990 he would be 16 and in the second year of high school.


Subaru is an Onmyouji and Onmyouji should declare the date of their birth around. Seishiro claims he’s born on April 1st 1965 but we know he’s born on November 22nd 1965. He doesn’t change his year of birth just the month and the day.

Very likely Subaru’s family decided to do the same with Subaru and didn’t declare his right month and day of birth. If they picked up a day after April 1st Subaru would lose his right to attend to elementary school in 1980 and would start in 1981.

This would make him a first year high school student in 1990/91.

Now… what about Hokuto?

As Hokuto is Subaru’s twin and older than him of only around 6 hours (which allows her to be of a different zodiacal sign as they’re born on the day Aquarius was switching on Pisces) they likely changed her official birthday date as well, ergo Hokuto too is attending to her first year of high school.

Now some more food for your thoughts.

Anime and manga more often than not doesn’t care about all this. If you’ve a bunch of boys born in the same year they all will attend to the same school year regardless from the fact they’re born prior or after April 1st.

CLAMP OFTEN when not ALWAYS messes up with ages and the passing of time.

In ‘Card Captor Sakura’ Sakura is 10 and she attends to the 4th class of elementary school while Touya is 7 year older than her and attends to the 2nd class of High school.

CCS last more than 3 school years but by the 4th year Sakura is still in elementary school and Touya is still in high school. We’re lead to believe Sakura will attend to middle school much time after Shaoran left when actually, by the time Shaoran had left, he and Sakura should have been already middle school students.

’xxxHOLiC’ is so much worse I’ve stopped counting the years it should have lasted because I was starting to get crazy.

’20 Mensou’ contains a clear error in the main character age compared to the school year he’s attending.

So really, maybe we aren’t supposed to think too much about it (who am I kidding, I spent ages making a TB/X/CLAMP Gakuen series timeline… -_-).