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15 July 2014 @ 12:54 am
Shikigami for Subaru and Seishiro  
According to CLAMP no Kiseki Seishiro's and Subaru's Shiki are so described:


Subaru no Shikigami Ga Shiroi Reicho No Sugata (昴流の式神が白い霊鳥の姿): Subaru's Shikigami has the shape of a white sacred bird

I've been told Garuda is called a Shiroi Reicho in Japan... and the way they draw Kurama-Oh's bird in RG Veda, also called Garuda (you can see it here) is rather similar to how Subaru's Shiki is drawn (yes it's not exactly the same but sure Subaru's Shiki looks closer to it than to a crow).


Seishiro no Shikigami Ga Seikan Na Moukin No Sugata (星史郎の式神が精悍な猛禽の姿): Seishiro's Shikigami has the shape of a fearless bird of prey.

So no, CLAMP never said if it was an eagle or an hawk or... something else. If I look at its pictures it resembles a Mountain hawk-eagle which is a species that exists in Japan... but of course CLAMP might have preferred to leave what Nandarou was in the dark in the same way they did with its name.